Feed Status
447.140 MHz WA6TTL Gronk Radio Network0 Listeners
American Medical Response - Santa ClaritaOffline
Angeles National Forest - North with Bobcat coverage
added Bobcat fire communications
0 Listeners
Angeles National Forest Fire Net1 Listeners
Arcadia Police and Fire
Los Angeles County Interagency Communications Interoperability (ICI) Montebello Site Arcadia Police Dispatch Sierra Madre Police Dispatch Verdugo Fire Dispatch Police tactical channels are not broadcasted via this feed.
2 Listeners
Burbank / Glendale Police, Fire and Area LAPD Dispatch
Burbank, Glendale Police and Verdugo Fire. Also includes LAPD Foothill (16), Hollywood (6), North Hollywood (15), Northeast (11), Van Nuys (9), West LA (8), West Valley (10)
13 Listeners
Cal Fire and Riverside County Fire - West
(((Stereo Feed))) RIGHT Side = Dispatch and Response channels *** LEFT Side = Command and TAC channels.
6 Listeners
CalFire BDU2 Tone 30 Listeners
California Highway Patrol - Brown 2 - Altadena0 Listeners
California Highway Patrol - Los Angeles and Orange County Centers
The feed includes portions of the CHP Southern Division's LOS ANGELES Communications Center and the Border Division's ORANGE COUNTY Communications Center
31 Listeners
California Highway Patrol - Riverside
39.680 CHP - Riverside Dispatch (Turquoise Base) 42.020 Turquoise Mobile
5 Listeners
Calnet Repeater System
The Calnet Repeater Group is a multi linked amateur radio Repeater System covering most of California and parts of Nevada. The system consists of numerous fulltime RF linked 440 MHz repeaters connecting San Diego to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.
1 Listeners
Catalina Amateur Repeater Association2 Listeners
Claremont Police and Amateur Radio2 Listeners
Corona Police and Fire
Live Audio From Corona Police and Fire including Riverside County CHP.
Culver City Public Safety2 Listeners
Fullerton Municipal Airport Tower (KFUL)
Frequency 119.1
1 Listeners
Glendale Police Dispatch
City of Glendale CA Police Dispatch.
4 Listeners
Hemet Fire1 Listeners
Inland CHP
Copper (39.26 MHz), Blue-1, CHP AM airband channels. Covers mountains, and SB Valleys. E. of I-15, North of Riverside & the Cajon Pass. Caltrans [CT] streamed when weather conditions exist. Status CT=OFF.
K6HOG 445.0400 MHz Contractor Peak Repeater
This is the club repeater for Tom's International Talking Society (TITS) repeater on Contractors point in Sylmar, California.
0 Listeners
K6MWT 147.4350 MHz Los Angeles Renegade Repeater
The "435" repeater is famous for lively discussion on controversial subjects. Located in Southern California on Santiago Peak (5,600 feet), the repeater covers Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire.
10 Listeners
K6VGP - DARN Repeater Network
The DARN (K6VGP) network is a closed/private/membership supported RF-linked group of 25+ repeaters located in Southern California.
0 Listeners
KE6TZG 146.3850 MHz Keller Peak Repeater
The Keller Peak Repeater Association is dedicated to serving our community via Ham Radio. KPRA owns and operates an open amateur radio repeater, located on Keller Peak at approximately 8,000 feet, in the San Bernardino, California, mountains.
1 Listeners
LAPD - South Bureau
Southwest (3), Harbor (5), 77th Street (12), Southeast (18), and South Bureau Traffic (25).
114 Listeners
LAPD Dispatch - Pacific Division16 Listeners
LAPD Dispatch - Special Coverage
This feed will be used for any large scale LAPD events that would benefit from dedicated coverage. Not currently scanning. This feed only covers LAPD and does not have TAC or car to car channels.
LAPD Dispatch - Valley Bureau
This feed covers: Devonshire (17), Foothill (16), Mission (19), North Hollywood (15), Topanga (21), Van Nuys (9), West Valley (10), Valley Traffic (23)
36 Listeners
LAPD Dispatch - West Divisions
Hollywood (6), Wilshire (7), West LA (8)
17 Listeners
LAPD Harbor and Los Angeles Port Police8 Listeners
Long Beach and Signal Hill Police Dispatch
Streaming: Long Beach PD: South Dispatch, West Dispatch, East Dispatch, North Dispatch, Signal Hill PD Dispatch
32 Listeners
Long Beach Fire Dispatch and V2/3
Streaming: LOB V-1 is dispatch. LOB V-2 is their main tactical channel. LOB V-3 is their secondary tactical.
15 Listeners
Los Angeles (South Bay) Police and Fire
FIRE: El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance. LACoFD Blue 1 [Hawthorne, Hermosa Beach, Lawndale, PVE, RPV, RH, RHE, Catalina Island].
9 Listeners
Los Angeles - West County Interagency Fire
Western LACoFD, LAFD and Park agencies with coverage of municipalities and unincorporated areas in and around the Santa Monica Mountains. Alpha tags with incident info available
1 Listeners
Los Angeles Area Major Event
This feed will monitor incident-specific communication plans of major fire and medical events in the Los Angeles Area
Los Angeles City Alt Fire Incident Dispatch - Citywide
(((Stereo Feed)))Left = Ch 5, *** Right = Ch 9
3 Listeners
Los Angeles City Fire23 Listeners
Los Angeles City Fire - Grounds
Los Angeles City Fire Tactical, Command, and Operations only, no dispatch traffic. Use this feed when you want to monitor an incident in progress without it being interrupted by dispatch traffic.
3 Listeners
Los Angeles City Fire and EMS Dispatch - North Division 7 Listeners
Los Angeles City Fire and EMS Dispatch - South Division
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Fire 7, *** Right = EMS 4
5 Listeners
Los Angeles County Fire - Blue 1
Covering LACoFD Battalions 7,8,9,14,18, and 21
1 Listeners
Los Angeles County Fire - Blue 12 and V-5
Blue 12 Primary Dispatch and Admin AV / Santa Clarita V-5 Primary CMD on Brush Fires Also running Blue 11(Backup Dispatch and Admin)
8 Listeners
Los Angeles County Fire - Blue 3
Covering LACoFD Battalions 1,3,5,13 and 20
5 Listeners
Los Angeles County Fire - Blue 5
Covering LACoFD Battalions 2,4,10,12,15,16 and 19
4 Listeners
Los Angeles County Fire - Blue 8
LACoFD Countywide Dispatch
93 Listeners
Los Angeles County Sheriff and Fire, USFS / ANF
This Feed also monitors all SAR activity in the Area. Server replaced and scanner updated 7/11/19 now using a BCD436HO Uniden
4 Listeners
Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch 1 — Altadena / Crescenta Valley
Dispatch for the Altadena and Crescenta Valley. It's common for other dispatch channels to be patched to Dispatch 1. Altadena and CV Units will still utilize Dispatch 1. Slow beeps are a busy signal for field units responding to, or contacting Dispatch
1 Listeners
Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch 10 - Malibu/Lost Hills
Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch 10 - Malibu/Lost Hills/Calabasas 482.9125
3 Listeners
Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch 11
Temple City Station - Dispatch 11
2 Listeners
Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch 13 and Fire Blue 1/8
(((Stereo Feed))) Right= LA County Sheriff Dispatch 13, *** Left = LA County Fire Blue 1, Helo air to ground
4 Listeners
Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch 15 and Los Angeles County Blue 11 - Antelope Valley16 Listeners
Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch 3,8,9,13,14; California Highway Patrol: South LA & East LA; Downey Fire
Streaming: Los Angeles County Sheriff Department: Dispatch Channels: Lakewood Norwalk East Los Angeles Compton Industry Downey Fire Department: Dispatch Admin Tactical California Highway Patrol: South LA (white) East LA (yellow)
18 Listeners
Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatch 7/12 and Inglewood Police
Inglewood Police. Los Angeles County Sheriff: [Dispatch 7]: Avalon, Lomita, Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates and [Dispatch 12]: Lawndale, Lennox.
10 Listeners
Los Angeles County Sheriff, Fire and Aircraft - Santa Clarita Valley
LASD, LACoFD, CHP, USFS/ANF, and Aircraft. Service area covers Castaic, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Newhall. Any major events that arise in Los Angeles County will also be monitored.
20 Listeners
Los Angeles County Working Incident
This feed will cover SIGNIFICANT incidents in the Los Angeles County area, such as large wildfires or disasters.
Magellan Amateur Radio Repeater Network - Los Angeles0 Listeners
Malibu Area Public Safety
Greetings from Malibu! Home to the rich, famous, speedy & me. This feed is extremely Malibu centric. Expect to hear L.A. County Fire, Sheriff & CHP. Much going on in town of 13,000 souls. Bearcat BCD996P2 In G-d we trust everyone else we monitor.
0 Listeners
Metro Net Fire Dispatch125 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Central Alt Tac 3M8 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Central Alt Tac 3N11 Listeners
MetroNet Fire North Alt Tac 2M6 Listeners
MetroNet Fire North Alt Tac 2N 16 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Tac 2A - Brea4 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Tac 2F - Anaheim8 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Tac 2G - Fullerton5 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Tac 2I - Orange4 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Tac 3G - Fountain Valley5 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Tac 3H - Huntington Beach9 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Tac 3I - Newport Beach6 Listeners
Murrieta Fire Department0 Listeners
N6SLD 145.220 MHz CLARA Repeater
Located on Santiago Peak in Southern California - Owned and operated by the Clairemont Repeater Association, known as CLARA. Weekly net schedule: Red Cross Net on Monday at 7:45pm. General Info Net on Tuesday at 7pm. Trivia Net on Wed 7pm.
N6USO 145.4400 MHz Sunset Ridge Repeater0 Listeners
OCFA Alt Tac 4O - Zone 4
Orange County Fire Authority 4O Tactical Alternate for Major Incident in Zone 4
2 Listeners
OCFA Alt Tac 5O - Zone 5
Orange County Fire Authority 5O Alternate Tactical for Major Incident in Zone 5
3 Listeners
OCFA Dispatch 5B
Orange County Fire Authority
145 Listeners
OCFA Fire OC2 Listeners
OCFA Tac 4D - Division 1
Orange County Fire Authority 4D Tactical Channel Covering Battalions 1 and 8
5 Listeners
OCFA Tac 4E – Battalion 2 and 3
Orange County Fire Authority 4E Tactical Channel Covering Battalions 2 and 3
2 Listeners
OCFA Tac 4M – Battalion 9 and 11
Orange County Fire Authority 4M Tactical Channel Covering Battalion 9 and Battalion 11.
4 Listeners
OCFA Tac 4N - Zone 4
Orange County Fire Authority 4N Tactical for Major Incidents in Zone 4
12 Listeners
OCFA Tac 5D - Battalion 4, 5 and 10
Orange County Fire Authority 5D Tactical Channel Covering Battalions 4, 5, and 10
5 Listeners
OCFA Tac 5E – Battalion 6 and 7
Orange County Fire Authority 5E Tactical Channel covering Battalion 6 and 7
5 Listeners
OCFA Tac 5N - Zone 5
Orange County Fire Authority 5N Primary Tactical for Major Incident in Zone 5
8 Listeners
Orange and San Diego Counties Working Incident 1
This feed was primarily designed to provide for working incidents in the south Orange County and north San Diego county / Camp Pendelton area.
0 Listeners
Orange County Vegetation/Wildland Fires0 Listeners
Palm Spring and Coachella Valley Fire
Scanning Palm Springs City Fire, Cathedral City Fire, as well as other Coachella Valley Cities covered under Calfire. Email:
7 Listeners
Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade
Parade & Bowl Operations - Pasadena Tournament of Roses law, fire, and EMS operations. The feed will be online for the duration of the event.
Riverside City Fire
City of Riverside, CA Fire Dept. Dispatch, Cmd2 and Cmd3 response channels.
4 Listeners
Riverside County Area Railroads0 Listeners
San Bernardino County Fire - High Desert
San Bernardino Co - Victor Valley area Digital 700mhz & VHF FIRE/rescue channels click on "details/info" for additional.
18 Listeners
San Bernardino County Fire - Mountains
San Bernardino Co - Mountains area Digital 700mhz click on "details/info" for additional.
1 Listeners
San Bernardino County Fire - Valley
Fire/Rescue P25 digital talkgroups used in the Valley areas of San Bernardino County. Upland, Chino, Fontana, Montclair, Rialto, San Bernardino, Colton, Redlands, Loma Linda, Mentone, San Manuel
19 Listeners
San Bernardino County Fire and EMS - South Desert Morongo Basin
2 Listeners
San Bernardino County Fire, Cal Fire and USFS4 Listeners
San Bernardino National Forest Fire Activity0 Listeners
Santiago Peak: Orange County Fire Watch Nets - 447.180 MHzOffline
Southern CA FUSION Network Room 21042
Listen to hams using YAESU Digital radios via linked WiresX repeater system.
0 Listeners
Verdugo Fire Red 1-8
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Red 1, *** Right = Red 2 - 8 in scan. Alpha tags display for Red 2 - 8 only. No Red 7.
30 Listeners
W6BA 146.790 MHz / KM6IAU-Allstar
This feed is an Allstar node (#503088) connected to a radio tuned to our local amateur radio repeater transmitting on 146.790MHz in Yucca Valley, CA.
0 Listeners
W6NUT 147.4500 MHz Renegade Repeater
Located in Southern California, 147.450 (referred to as "450"), is the only real "Renegade Radio" free speech amateur repeater. Email with questions or comments about the feed. Send repeater questions/donations to
45 Listeners
W6TJ 146.880 Riverside County Amateur Radio Association0 Listeners
W6ZN 145.2800 MHz Palomar Mt. Repeater
Palomar Mountain San Diego/Riverside/San Bernardino County coverage. Frequently interesting discussion. Trivia Net Mon. 8:00 PM
8 Listeners
WD6AWP 448.040 MHz Orange County Skywarn Repeater
Orange County Skywarn is currently authorized to use the WD6AWP repeater located on Santiago Peak. The repeater is on 448.040 MHz as it's primary frequency during activations under the authority of the National Weather Service.
0 Listeners