Top 25 Feeds

Feed Status
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police
Indy, Lawrence, Speedway, Beech Grove.
1306 Listeners
Cleveland Police and Metro Housing Authority
Also includes traffic control and special operations channels.
818 Listeners
South Bend, Mishawaka and St. Joseph County Police, Fire and EMS501 Listeners
Columbus Police Dispatch - Citywide
Columbus Police Division on the Ohio MARCS-IP System scanning all five zones (Dispatch Channels).
467 Listeners
Des Moines Police Dispatch 1
Des Moines Police Department primary dispatch channel. Now on the P25 system!
453 Listeners
Clark County Sheriff and Fire, Springfield Police / Fire Dispatch
MARCS radio for Clark County Sheriff & Township Fire Departments, plus Springfield Police and Fire Rescue,added Ohio State Patrol Post 12 Springfield main channel,
428 Listeners
Ingham County Public Safety
Ingham County Sheriff, Lansing Police, East Lansing, MSU, Meridian Police
384 Listeners
Fresno City Police, Fire and EMS348 Listeners
Buchanan County Sheriff and EMS, St Joseph Police / Fire
Scan list modified to only scan PRIMARY dispatch channels for SJPD, SJ Fire, BuCO SO, BCEMS, & BCFire. All others removed for 2 reasons: the rest are possibly going encrypted and concerns over feed use by nefarious persons.
318 Listeners
Detroit Police Dispatch
DPD Dispatch talkgroups... 8040 Cent Dispatch Precincts 1 & 13; 8043 SW Dispatch Precincts 2 & 3; 8046 NE Dispatch Precincts 7 & 11; 8049 NW Dispatch Precincts 6 & 8; 8055 Western Dispatch Precincts 10 & 12; 8058 - Eastern Dispatch Precincts 5 & 9
315 Listeners
Sedgwick County Law Enforcement
Includes Wichita PD (All Bureaus and Air Section), Sedgwick County Sheriff, and Kansas Highway Patrol (Wichita Metro Area)
302 Listeners
Mesa County and Grand Junction Police, Fire and EMS
LEFT Side - Colorado State Patrol and other channels RIGHT Side - Sheriff, Police and Fire dispatch
281 Listeners
Toledo Police Central Dispatch
This dispatch channel will cover sectors 1-4 of toledo.
272 Listeners
Springfield Police and Fire, Greene County Sheriff and Fire
Springfield Police dispatch Zone 1 and 2. Springfield Fire dispatch + Ops channels. Greene County Sheriff dispatch (PAT 1). Greene County Fire dispatch + Ops channels.
267 Listeners
Pittsburgh Police, Fire and EMS266 Listeners
Lincoln Police and Fire, Lancaster County Sheriff
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = LAW, Right= FIRE/EMS LEFT: City 1 West, PD/Sheriff 3 East, Sheriff Evenings 5 EX DISP Right: Lincoln Fire TAC 2 through 7
265 Listeners
Saint Paul Police, Fire, and Public Works Dispatch260 Listeners
San Antonio and Bexar County Law Enforcement
SAPD, BCSO, and local municipalities dispatch
259 Listeners
FDNY - Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island247 Listeners
Tulsa, Creek, Osage, Rogers and Washington Counties Public Safety240 Listeners
Chicago Police Zone 8 - Districts 4 and 6
4th District - South Chicago & 6th District - Gresham.
236 Listeners
Davenport and Quad Cities Metro Police, Fire / EMS
Police Fire and EMS Dispatch for: Davenport Bettendorf Moline East Moline Rock Island Scott Count Sheriff (Rural)
231 Listeners
Buffalo Police, Fire and EMS229 Listeners
Albuquerque & Bernalillo County Public Safety
APD - AFR - BCSO - BCFD - Open Space
228 Listeners
Virginia Beach Police227 Listeners