Westmoreland County Public Safety
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800Mhz Digital TRS only. Includes Police, Fire, EMS, and EMA TAC channels. See our info page for a complete agency coverage list.

Streaming 24/7/365/Live! scanner audio of the Westmoreland County, PA Department of Public Safety's 800Mhz, Digital P-25 Phase I Motorola Smartzone-Simulcast Trunked Radio System.

Monitoring the East Zone tower grid (#T0102 / WPMJ927) control channel frequencies:

  • 859.9875Mhz (Primary)
  • 858.9875Mhz (Alternate 1)
  • 858.4375Mhz (Alternate 2)

for selected police, fire and emergency medical services talkgroups countywide.  Non-emergency services and encrypted talkgroups are locked out, and are not included in the live broadcast.  The feed is normally running in a scanning sequence and is monitoring all targeted talkgroups on the system, but at times during a major working incident, the scanner may be locked onto the active talkgroup for that incident for its duration. 

The feed signal is being received on a Wilson Electronics 8-element 850Mhz tuned Yagi beam antenna on a roof-mounted mast, fed to a Radio Shack (GRE Mfg.) PRO-197, P-25 capable Digi-Scanner, and then running the external speaker output through an ADC 12-band graphic equalizer to smooth the digital scanner audio & improve the sound quality over the live stream.

This feed covers POLICE, FIRE, EMS and EMA agencies for the entire county and includes talkgroups for:

District 1 Police TACs 1-3 (Irwin, N. Irwin, Penn Twp., Trafford, Jeannette)

District 2 Police TACs 1-3 (Murrysville, Delmont)

District 3 Police TACs 1-3 (Greensburg City, Southwest Greensburg, South Greensburg)

District 4 Police TACs 1-3 (Latrobe, Derry, Ligonier, Ligonier Twp., Bolivar, Seward, St. Clair Twp.)

District 5 Police TACs 1-3 (Loyalhanna, Bell, Washington, & Allegheny Twps., Avonmore, Vandergrift, Oklahoma, E. Vandergrift, Beaver Run, Hyde Park, West Leechburg)

District 6 Police TACs 1-3 (Scottdale, Mount Pleasant, Rostraver, North Bell Vernon, West Newton, Smithton and Sutersville)

District 7 Police TACs 1-3 (Monessen, Bell Vernon)

No Longer Monitoring District 9 Police TACs 1-3 (New Kensington, Arnold, Lower Burrell, Upper Burrell) as these Departments have switched to full-time encryption on all TACs.

North Huntingdon Twp. Police TACs 1-3

Westmoreland Fire Dispatch (all county stations)

Fire Zone 1 Cmd

Fire Zone 2 Cmd

Fire Zone 3 Cmd

Fire Zone 4 Cmd

Mon Valley Fire Cmd

Fire Operations TAC 3

Fire Operations TAC 4

Fire Operations TAC 5

Fire Operations TAC 6

Fire Operations TAC 7

Fire Operations TAC 8

Fire Operations TAC 9

Fire Operations TAC 10

Fire Operations TAC 11

Westmoreland EMS Dispatch

EMS Operations TAC 2

EMS Operations TAC 3

NHT/Mon Valley EMS TAC 4

County Coroners TAC

County Detective TAC

Countywide Ops TAC 12

Countywide Ops TAC 13

Countywide Ops TAC 14

Countywide Ops TAC 15

County EMA TAC Group