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147.180 MHz Amateur Radio (ARES, RACES and Sky Warn)
This is the Westmoreland Emergency Amateur Radio Service's main FM Voice Repeater, located in Greensburg PA. Our weekly Net is here at 9:00 PM every Wednesday. Club Meetings are 2nd and 4th Tuesday at the Unity EOC at Latrobe Airport.
0 Listeners
AI3I Amateur Radio Repeaters0 Listeners
Allegheny County ARFF and North Boroughs Fire
North Boroughs Fire Dispatch 494.6375 (North Fire 7) North Boroughs Fire Ground 495.5125 (North Fire 5) Added 3/1/2021 - Greater Pitt ARFF 453.8750
0 Listeners
Allegheny County Fire - East6 Listeners
Allegheny County Fire - North7 Listeners
Allegheny County Fire - South
Allegheny: South F Disp 1, South F Ops 2, South F Ops 3, South F Ops 5 and Whitehall Fire Allegheny South Public Safety has been removed
2 Listeners
Allegheny County Fire Dispatch - West1 Listeners
Allegheny County Fire Ops 2 - South
Castle Shannon | Dormont | Mt. Lebanon < ---- > 460.6250
1 Listeners
Allegheny County Fire Ops 2 - West
Allegheny County West Fire Operations Channel 2 - 471.6375
1 Listeners
Allegheny County Fire Ops 3 - West
Allegheny County West Fire Operations Channel 3 - 472.7375
1 Listeners
Allegheny County Fire Ops 5 - West
Allegheny County West Fire Operations Channel 5 - 472.4125
0 Listeners
Allegheny County North EMS1 Listeners
Allegheny County Police North Ch 10
Covers Verona to Harrison Twp. along Route 28
7 Listeners
Allegheny County Police, Fire and EMS - Southern Areas
WEST - Carnegie, Crafton, Heidelberg, Ingram, Green Tree, McKees Rocks, Scott, Bridgeville, Collier, Oakdale, Moon Run, North Fayette, Forest Grove South - Castle Shannon, Dormont, Baldwin, Mt. Lebanon, Bethel Park, Upper St. Clair, Library, Brentwood,
25 Listeners
Allegheny County Public Safety - East3 Listeners
Allegheny County Public Safety - West0 Listeners
Allegheny County West Police, Fire, and EMS, South Fire
Allegheny West Police, Fire, and EMS, South Fire.
4 Listeners
Allegheny Valley Fire and EMS - North 6
Monitors North Fire 6 . Covers Fire and EMS for the following municipalities: Harrison,Fawn,Brackenridge,Tarentum,East Deer & Frazer Twp.
4 Listeners
Amateur Radio Clearnode KC3CDU
Amateur radio as heard by KC3CDU on AllStar node 50493.
Armstrong County Fire and EMS128 Listeners
Beaver County Fire and EMS
All Fire (including fireground) and EMS frequencies from Beaver County.
14 Listeners
Bethel Park Fire0 Listeners
Butler County Fire and EMS78 Listeners
Clarion County Public Safety16 Listeners
Coraopolis Fire1 Listeners
Fayette County Public Safety Dispatch4 Listeners
Greene and Fayette County Police, Fire, and EMS194 Listeners
Greensburg Fire Dispatch and Operations
Greensburg Fire Department is located in Greensburg, PA housing 6 companies: 5 engines, 1 tiller truck, dive team, swift water team, bloodhound team, and many more.See notes for more details.
2 Listeners
K3QY Amateur Radio Repeaters in Armstrong County0 Listeners
KC3CDV ClearnodeOffline
Monroeville Fire and EMS
Monroeville Fire Department Fire and EMS Monroeville, Allegheny County, PA Channels Broadcast: 1- Monroeville Fire Dispatch 2- Monroeville Public Safety (OPS)
6 Listeners
Norfolk Southern Conemaugh Line
Streaming feed for the NS Conemaugh Line. Monitors: Dispatcher, Milepost Annunciation, Defect Detectors, Train Crews, and MoW Crews. (AAR Channel 46 - 160.8MHz)
0 Listeners
Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh and Conemaugh Lines West of CP-CONPIT
Pittsburgh Line Channel 46 160.800MHZ Conemaugh Line Channel 89 160.635MHZ
0 Listeners
North Police Ch. 1
*SEE NOTE BELOW* Featured Departments: Aspinwall (Unit #24), Blawnox (Unit #25), Etna (Unit #26), Hampton (Unit #28), Millvale (Unit #32), O'Hara (Unit #33), Reserve (Unit #34), Sharpsburg (Unit #35), Shaler (Unit #21)
9 Listeners
Northwest Pennsylvania NOAA Weather Radio WWG531 Listeners
Pittsburgh Area NOAA Weather Radio KIH35
Provided by the Homer City Fire Department - Alert tones are disabled
1 Listeners
Pittsburgh Area NOAA Weather Radio KIH35
Stream Provided by Antonio Cerri (PittsburghEAS): (Weather Radio) Alert Tones Are Disabled
Pittsburgh EMS Dispatch - Channel 12 Listeners
Pittsburgh Fire Dispatch - Channel 14 Listeners
Pittsburgh Fire Ground 2
Fire Ground - Operations 453.85000. Motorola CM300 W/Antenna Specialist tuned antenna dedicated to Fire 2. Feed provided by W3VFD
41 Listeners
Pittsburgh Police, Fire and EMS278 Listeners
Township Of Moon Police5 Listeners
Upper St. Clair Volunteer Fire1 Listeners
Washington City Fire
Feed is dedicated to the dispatch and operations of the City of Washington Fire Department.
1 Listeners
Washington City Fire, County Zone 1 Fire and EMS
This feed is for the City Of Washington Fire Department and Washington County Fire and EMS Zone 1.City Fire Has Priority.Zone 2 Fire has been added to the feed.
30 Listeners
Washington County Fire - Zone 3
(((Stereo Feed))) Left Channel = Monongahela City Fire (UHF) | Right Channel = Zone 3 Fire + Ops (VHF). If "LOCAL" in alert then Full Ops Channels are available and will be heard from the Fireground.
3 Listeners
Washington County Fire and EMS
Full coverage of all Fire / EMS dispatch channels for Washington County. You will not hear fire-ground channels unless they are nearby the Washington area, fire-ground channels are not repeated.
15 Listeners
Washington County Police
Coverage of all Police Zones in Washington County.
24 Listeners
Westmoreland County Fire
Broadcast provided by Rostraver Central Fire Department
2 Listeners
Westmoreland County Public Safety
800Mhz Digital TRS only. Includes Police, Fire, EMS, and EMA TAC channels. See our info page for a complete agency coverage list.
146 Listeners
Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway
Covers Wheeling and Lake Erie Rook, River, Valley and Pittsburgh subdivisions.
0 Listeners