Westmoreland County Fire
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This feed is located in Westmoreland County, PA and monitors the fire talk groups of the ICORRS Public Safety System.

Westmoreland County PA Fire Radio

Feed includes these talkgroups:

Fire Dispatch

Z1 Fire Command

Z2 Fire Command

Z3 Fire Command

Z4 Fire Command

MV Fire Command

Fire Tac 3

Fire Tac 4

Fire Tac 5

Fire Tac 6

Fire Tac 7

Fire Tac 8

Fire Tac 9

Fire Tac 10

Fire Tac 11

CW Tac 12

CW Tac 13

CW Tac 14

CW Tac 15

CW Fire Adm

Z1 Fire Adm

Z2 Fire Adm

Z3 Fire Adm

Z4 Fire Adm

MV Fire Adm

Hazmat Tac 2

Hazmat Tac 3

Hazmat Tac 4

Hazmat Tac 5

Hazmat Tac 6

LBE Fire 1

LBE Fire 2

LBE Fire 3

FWQ Fire 1

FWQ Fire 2

FWQ Fire 3