Greensburg Fire Dispatch and Operations
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Greensburg Fire Department is located in Greensburg, PA housing 6 companies: 5 engines, 1 tiller truck, dive team, swift water team, bloodhound team, and many more.See notes for more details.

Frequencies Monitored: 

1) Greensburg Fire 1- Dispatch and Operations-Repeater--KGB939: Frequency 154.250000          Input: 153.950000          Offset: -.3 DPL131

2) Greensburg Fire 2- Operations T/A--KGB939: Frequency: 154.1450000   Off-Repeater T/A Operations Channel    DPL 516


A new frequency coming soon, so stay tuned!

Local Information: 

Units may be patched, encrypted, or offset due to normal county operations. The GFD runs all operations off of KGB939 (154.2500 VHF) to have a separate channel should the 800 MHz system go down. Surrounding agencies use the 800 system, including Mutual Aid EMS, Dist 3 Police (Greensburg PD), and surrounding townships and boroughs. The only agency in Hempfield Township to still use "Township Fire" (154.35500) WAS Carbon Fire Department. However, as of 1/5/2021, they have switched to 800 MHz. The Hempfield Fire Department will keep Hempfield fire for patches, storm mode operations, and HEMA. Unity Township uses the old Mutual Aid EMS VHF channel as a backup for large storms or events where the center runs out of channels.


More about us:

We use a VHF/UHF scanner plugged into a laptop to provide optimal sound and service to our listeners. Listeners may hear a fuzzy sound, which is caused by patches (from 800 P2 into VHF), radio not hitting the repeater, alternate type radios (EFJohnson, Kenwood, Baofeng, etc.), or (usually) due to people not talking correctly into the radio. Greensburg generally runs Motorola HT-750, some have HT-1000 or HT-1250, chief officers and county DPS employees, and some company officers have APX-8000s. Companies that run other brands of radios consist of:

Company 1- Kenwood Viking series (Officers)

Company 6- Motorola APX Series (Officers)

Company 7- Varies based on the person (Motorola, Baofeng, TYT, etc.)

Company 8- Motorola APX Series (Line Officers)

Things to know:

  • At 12:00 pm every day (noon), the tones will activate on the radio. County will announce "KGB939 City of Greensburg Fire Department time 12 noon"  Use this as a reference (so you will recognize tones). 
  • There may be no audio at times due to no alarms/activity. There is no need to report to us about there being no audio. 
  • The Greensburg Fire Department is a small command overlay department with six stations located in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. 

The GFD is NOT responsible for any accident that occurs by listeners coming to the scene. Be sure to spectate from a safe distance, and respect all emergency scene laws. RECOMMENDATION: If it is your first time checking out a scene, stay about 150 feet away from the closest firefighter or fire apparatus-- Keep in mind: If there's one, more are coming. 

There are pages on Facebook to see what's going on as far as Westmoreland Incidents. Use

More Info on Companies:

Station 1: Engine, Rescue, Utility

Station 2: Truck, Air, Foam, Utility

Station 3: Engine, Rescue, Utility

Station 6: Engine, Utility

Station 7: Engine, Rescue, Utility

Station 8: Engine, Salvage, Utility, Water Salvage

Other: Special Ops Truck, eight inflatable swift-water boats, one sonar boat, 2 Jet Skis, Band Truck


Additional Companies that may respond to the city include, but are not limited to:

Station 29 (Hempfield 2): Engine, Rescue, Service, Command

Station 23 (Carbon): Engine, Engine, Truck, Salvage

Station 24 (Southwest Greensburg): Engine, Truck, Squad

Station 32 (South Greensburg): Engine, Rescue (RIT Certified), Service

Station 65 (North Hempfield): Engine, Rescue, Brush, Utility

Station 84 (Bovard): Quint, Engine, Squad

Station 21 (Grapeville): Engine, Foam

Station 104 (Fort Allen): Engine, Rescue (RIT Certified), Service, IRP, Boat

Station 34 (Crabtree): Engine, Rescue (RIT Certified), Utility

Station 114 (Lloydsville): Engine, Rescue (RIT Certified), Service, Boat

Station 12 (North Irwin): Engine, Rescue, Air

Station 112 (Jeannette): Engine, Rescue, Tower Ladder, Vent

Station 87 (Harrison City): Engine, Rescue, Ladder

Station 91 (Dryridge): Engine, Tanker, Rescue, Ladder

Station 26 (Youngwood): Engine, Rescue, Tower Ladder, Squad

The feed is updated and refreshed regularly. If the feed shall be intentionally down for more than 15 minutes, it will be announced here:

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