Greensburg Fire Dispatch
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Greensburg Fire department is located in Greensburg, PA housing 6 companies: 5 engines, 1 tiller truck, dive team, swift water team, bloodhound team, and many more.See notes for frequency details. For more information visit

-KGB939: frequency 154.250000       Greensburg Fire 1- Dispatch and operations


Units may be patched, encrypted, or offset due to normal county operations.

We use a VHF scanner plugged into a basic laptop to provide optimal sound and service to our listeners. Listeners may hear fuzzy sound, which is caused by patches (from 800 P2 into VHF), radio not hitting the repeater, off-brand radios (EFJohnston, Kenwood, Baofeng, etc.) or due to people not talking correctly into the radio. 


The feed is updated and refreshed regularly. If the feed will be down for more than 15 minutes, it will be announced here:

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Recent Feed Updates:

- Feed was refreshed on Tuesday as updates were completed on the computer. All workings should be back to normal.