Jackson County Public Safety
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Jackson County (38) Common/Interop Talkgroups

  • 38COM Countywide Common (Mutual Aid all agencies)

  • 38EMER Emergency Scene (All Radios)

  • 38SPEV1 Special Events 1 (All Radios)

  • 38SPEV2 Special Events 2 (All Radios)

  • 38SPEV3 Special Events 3 (All Radios)

Jackson County (38) Law Enforcement Talkgroups

  • 38JCPD911 Central 9-1-1 Police: Jackson City Dispatch

  • 38P911 Central 9-1-1 Police: County Dispatch

  • 38CT Columbia Twp. Police: Proprietary

  • 38BT Blackman Twp. DPS: Proprietary

Jackson County (38) Fire/Rescue Talkgroups

  • 38F911 Central 9-1-1 Fire: Dispatch

  • 38COL RES Columbia Twp. Fire: Rescue Paging

  • 38CT RES Concord Fire: Rescue Paging

  • 38FG01 Countywide Fireground 1

  • 38FG02 Countywide Fireground 2

  • 38FG03 Countywide Fireground 3

  • 38FG04 Countywide Fireground 4

  • 38FG05 Countywide Fireground 5

  • 38GL RES Grass Lake Fire: Rescue Paging

  • 38HT RES Henrietta Twp Fire: Rescue Paging

  • 38HAN RES Hanover Twp. Fire: Rescue Paging

  • 38LT RES Liberty Twp. Fire: Rescue Paging

  • 38PARSAND RES Parma-Sandstone Fire: Rescue Paging

  • 38SP RES Springport Fire: Rescue Paging

  • 38PGMET1 Metro One Paging

  • 38PG RESCUE Blackman/Leoni Twp. Fire/Rescue Paging

  • 38PG JC Jackson City Fire: Paging

  • 38PG JC AC Jackson City Fire: All-Call Paging

  • 38PG RIVES-RESC Rives-Tompkins Fire: Rescue Paging

  • 38PG BT LEONI Blackman and Leoni Twp: All-Call Paging

  • 38PG WX Central 9-1-1 Fire: Countywide Weather Alerts

  • 38PG COL Columbia Twp. Fire: Paging

  • 38PG CON Concord Fire and Rescue: Paging

  • 38PG GL Grass Lake Fire and Rescue: Paging

  • 38PG HEN Henrietta Twp. Fire: Paging

  • 38PG HAN Hanover Twp. Fire: Paging

  • 38PG JAC Jackson City Fire: Paging

  • 38PG LT Liberty Twp. Fire: Paging

  • 38PG NAP Napoleon Twp. Fire: Paging

  • 38PG Central 9-1-1 Fire: Paging

  • 38PG PT Pulaski Twp. Fire/Rescue: Paging

  • 38PG PARSAND Parma-Sandstone Fire: Paging

  • 38PG RT Rives - Tompkins Twp. Fire/Rescue Paging

  • 38PG SAT Spring Arbor Twp. Fire: Paging

  • 38PG SP Springport Fire and Rescue: Paging

  • 38PG SUM Summit Twp. Fire: Paging

  • 38PG Central 9-1-1 Fire: Paging