Los Angeles City Fire - Grounds
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Los Angeles City Fire Tactical, Command, and Operations only, no dispatch traffic. Use this feed when you want to monitor an incident in progress without it being interrupted by dispatch traffic.

The purpose of this feed is to allow the monitoring of active incidents without being interrupted by dispatch traffic.

The feed is supplied by a Motorola XTS5000 portable radio connected to an external antenna and a dedicated computer, and includes the following LAFD channels.

CH-1 Central Bureau Operations, 860.9375 MHz
CH-2 South Bureau Operations, 859.9375 MHz (Citywide and Metrorail)
CH-3 Valley Bureau Operations, 858.9375 MHz

CH-11 Command, 860.7625 MHz

CH-5 Brush & River Incidents, 856.9375 MHz
CH-12 Tactical, 860.4375 MHz (Citywide and Metrorail)
CH-13 Tactical, 857.4375 MHz
CH-14 Tactical, 856.4375 MHz
CH-15 Tactical, 859.7625 MHz (Citywide and Metrorail)
CH-16 Tactical, 858.7625 MHz (Citywide and Metrorail)
CH-17 Tactical, 857.7625 MHz (Citywide and Metrorail)
CH-18 Tactical, 856.7625 MHz