Orange and San Diego Counties Working Incident 1
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This feed was primarily designed to provide for working incidents in the south Orange County and north San Diego county / Camp Pendelton area.

This will primarily serve the areas of south Orange County (CA) and northern San Diego County.

It will feed tacticals for working incidents. It is intended to provide a reasonable way to follow incidents without the interuption of daily incident activity or agencies not involved in working incidents.

These will include CAL Fire (both VHF and 800MHz "Zone 10" Tactical's), USFS -  Cleveland National Forest , Camp Pendelton Fire, NORTH COMM and Orange County Fire Authority. OCFA will monitor VHF including assigned CALFIRE frequencies, Fire OC and OC ACCESS. On 800 MHz 1B, 1C, 5A,5C,4F,5F,4N,5N, 4O, 5O and others. Dispatch channels for these agencies are on for daily operations but may be shut down during major incidents.

Radio is located in Oceanside, San Diego County.