LAPD Dispatch - West Divisions
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Hollywood (6), Wilshire (7), West LA (8)

This feed provides: West Burea Division frequencies for Hollywood, Wilshire and West LA. Covering from Mullholland Drive in the North, to the 10 Freeway on the South, Normandie to the East and Pacific Ocean to the West.

LAPD Hollywood (6) 507.21250

LAPD Wilshire (7) 506.96250

LAPD West LA (8) 506.76250

This feed does not provide other West Bureau channels such as Pacific (14) and Olympic (20) as well as West Traffic (22). We do not plan on providing those channels at this time. You may infrequently hear dispatched calls for those areas when LAPD dispatchers simulcast the frequencies, or tie two divisions together. This feed does not supply TAC channels or Simplex channels.