Los Angeles City Alt Fire Incident Dispatch - Citywide
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(((Stereo Feed)))Left = Ch 5, *** Right = Ch 9

Los Angeles City Fire Alternate Incident Dispatch – Citywide. The LAFD dispatches all Structure Fire, Swiftwater Rescue, Brush, and other significant incidents on two alternate dispatch channels separate from routine fire and medical dispatch. Channel 5 is primary for brush, swiftwater, and other significant incidents and channel 9 is primary for structure fires. However, both are used interchangeably as needs dictate. Both channels are conventional analog simulcast throughout the City of Los Angeles. This feed will be (((Stereo))) dispatch. The left will monitor: LAFD channel 5 on 856.9375 MHz and the right will monitor: LAFD channel 9 on 857.2375 MHz. Equipment: Harris, Scan Radio, D28MCX Receiver: (1) for each channel. Barix Instreamer. The equipment is rack mounted, external roof mounted antenna, UPS, housed in a climate controlled server room located in downtown Los Angeles.