Southern CA FUSION Network Room 21042
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Listen to hams using YAESU Digital radios via linked WiresX repeater system.

SoCal Link Network-  Yaesu Digital repeaters (usually 4-5), linking Southern California via Room 21042
Mt. Wilson, Oat Mt., Sierra Peak, Oceanside, Irvine/Mission Viejo.
Real Time Mapping, Audio Streaming, Node CONNECT Listing

Call               Location                              Freq        Node#
WD6ABC  Mt. Wilson (Los Angeles, ca.)  445.540   11042
KD6DDM  Sierra Peak (Corona, ca.)        445.760    11524
KI6JKA     Oat Mt. (Porter Ranch, Ca.)     447.200    30672
N6PAK      (Irvine/Mission Viejo)               447.620    33749   
Linked via FUSION WiresX in Room 21042
(hosted by WD6ABC)
Repeaters are using Yaesu FUSION digital (C4FM)
The majority of the time these repeaters are linked together (occasionally, another repeater node in Oceanside, ca. links in)
Other operators across the globe link in with their simplex nodes (via room 21042