Feed Status
California Fire Special 1
Special Events Feed: Will be activated only during large special events such as wildland incidents around the state.
California Highway Patrol - Los Angeles and Orange County Centers
The feed includes portions of the CHP Southern Division's LOS ANGELES Communications Center and the Border Division's ORANGE COUNTY Communications Center
Calnet Repeater System
The Calnet Repeater Group is a multi linked amateur radio Repeater System covering most of California and parts of Nevada. The system consists of numerous fulltime RF linked 440 MHz repeaters connecting San Diego to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe.
0 Listeners
Fullerton Municipal Airport Tower (KFUL)
Frequency 119.1
1 Listeners
K6MWT 147.4350 MHz Los Angeles Renegade Repeater
The "435" repeater is famous for lively discussion on controversial subjects. Located in Southern California on Santiago Peak (5,600 feet), the repeater covers Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and the Inland Empire.
6 Listeners
KW6USA 147.4500 MHz Renegade Repeater
Repeater call sign is now KW6USA. Located in Southern California, 147.450 (referred to as "450"), is the only real "Renegade Radio" free speech amateur repeater. Email with questions or comments about the feed.
Metro Net Fire Dispatch13 Listeners
MetroNet Fire Central Alt Tac 3MOffline
MetroNet Fire Central Alt Tac 3NOffline
MetroNet Fire North Alt Tac 2MOffline
MetroNet Fire North Alt Tac 2N Offline
MetroNet Fire Tac 2A - BreaOffline
MetroNet Fire Tac 2F - AnaheimOffline
MetroNet Fire Tac 2G - FullertonOffline
MetroNet Fire Tac 2I - OrangeOffline
MetroNet Fire Tac 3G - Fountain ValleyOffline
MetroNet Fire Tac 3H - Huntington BeachOffline
MetroNet Fire Tac 3I - Newport BeachOffline
N6SLD 145.220 MHz CLARA Repeater
Located on Santiago Peak in Southern California - Owned and operated by the Clairemont Repeater Association, known as CLARA. Weekly net schedule: Red Cross Net on Monday at 7:45pm. General Info Net on Tuesday at 7pm. Trivia Net on Wed 7pm.
0 Listeners
Northern California Major Incident
Waiting for Snow Melt Floods - Coming soon
OCFA Alt Tac 4O - Zone 4
Orange County Fire Authority 4O Tactical Alternate for Major Incident in Zone 4
2 Listeners
OCFA Alt Tac 5O - Zone 5
Orange County Fire Authority 5O Alternate Tactical for Major Incident in Zone 5
2 Listeners
OCFA Dispatch 5B
Orange County Fire Authority
28 Listeners
OCFA Fire OCOffline
OCFA Tac 4D - Division 1
Orange County Fire Authority 4D Tactical Channel Covering Battalions 1 and 8
2 Listeners
OCFA Tac 4E – Battalion 2 and 3
Orange County Fire Authority 4E Tactical Channel Covering Battalions 2 and 3
2 Listeners
OCFA Tac 4M – Battalion 9 and 11
Orange County Fire Authority 4M Tactical Channel Covering Battalion 9 and Battalion 11.
4 Listeners
OCFA Tac 4N - Zone 4
Orange County Fire Authority 4N Tactical for Major Incidents in Zone 4
7 Listeners
OCFA Tac 5D - Battalion 4, 5 and 10
Orange County Fire Authority 5D Tactical Channel Covering Battalions 4, 5, and 10
3 Listeners
OCFA Tac 5E – Battalion 6 and 7
Orange County Fire Authority 5E Tactical Channel covering Battalion 6 and 7
3 Listeners
OCFA Tac 5N - Zone 5
Orange County Fire Authority 5N Primary Tactical for Major Incident in Zone 5
8 Listeners
Orange and San Diego Counties Working Incident 1
This feed was primarily designed to provide for working incidents in the south Orange County and north San Diego county / Camp Pendelton area.
Orange County Fire Watch Nets: SOARA 447.180- Santiago Peak Amateur Radio Repeater
Orange County Fire Watch training and Red Flag Deployment nets for the SOARA 147.645 and 447.180 linked repeaters. Some additional Amateur Radio Net traffic may be heard.
Orange County Vegetation/Wildland Fires1 Listeners
RemotelyLocated HERD1 Feed 1
Special Operation. Smokechasers Public Relations Event. Amador County Fairgrounds and Event Center
0 Listeners
Southern CA FUSION Network Room 21042
Listen to hams using YAESU Digital radios via linked WiresX repeater system.
0 Listeners
W6ZN 145.2800 MHz Palomar Mt. Repeater
Palomar Mountain San Diego County. Frequently interesting discussion. Trivia Net Mon. 8:00 PM PT.
WIN System Amateur Repeater Network
The WIN System is a network of over 70 Amateur Radio repeaters covering a large part of California as well as regions in Canada and 11 other States. Due to the size this system. Please DO NOT use this streaming audio service for performing a radio chec
3 Listeners