Burbank Police, Fire and Surrounding LAPD Dispatch
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Burbank and Glendale Police dispatch. LAPD Foothill (16), North Hollywood (15), Northeast (11), HotShot. Verdugo Fire Red 1 and Hollywood Burbank Airport dispatch.

This feed is provided using a Uniden Home Patrol 1 located in the Burbank Burbank Rancho District in California.

Burbank Police Dispatch ICI 2161
Burbank Airport Dispatch ICI 2173
Glendale Police Dispatch ICI 2093
LAPD Foothill Division (16) 507.1625
LAPD North Hollywood Division (15) 484.9625
LAPD Northeast Division (11) 484.8375
LAPD HotShot/K-9/Air Hailing 484.7125
Verdugo Fire Communications Center Red 1 Dispatch ICI 2101

ICI = Interagency Communications Interoperability System