Live Audio Feed Status
Allentown Area NOAA Weather Radio WXL392 Listeners
Amtrak and New Jersey Transit Rail in and around Philadelphia
Amtrak and NJT Rail are streamed here.
0 Listeners
Atlantic County 800 MHz Public Safety System 1 Listeners
Atlantic County Interoperability with Gloucester County 0 Listeners
Bellmawr Fire West and Highway Ops 1 3 Listeners
Bucks County Fire - Central
Bucks County - Central Band (Primary) Bucks County - Central Ops (Secondary)
1 Listeners
Bucks County Fire - Central
Feed contains Central Fire and Ops Also now on Zello Search Bucks Fire
2 Listeners
Bucks County Fire - East4 Listeners
Bucks County Fire - South/Ops
Feed contains Fire South and Ops also on Zello Bucks Fire
3 Listeners
Bucks County Fire North and OPs
Now also on Zello Search for Bucks Fire
9 Listeners
Bucks County Fire Police 1 Listeners
Burlington County Fire and EMS Dispatch12 Listeners
Burlington County Public Safety - Digital
Response Channels 1 - 12 New Fire & EMS 700mhz P25 Phase II digital system.
14 Listeners
Camden County Fire and EMS - Digital
Monitoring operations and tac channels from the north, south, east and west zones, along with Camden Fire Dispatch and Cherry Hill Fire/EMS Dispatch. Simulcast of the dispatch channel is also included.
18 Listeners
Camden County Public Safety
This is a feed from a SDR radio meaning there is no backgrouond noise. This feed will supply Camden County Fire and EMS talkgroups.
3 Listeners
Chester and Montgomery Counties Fire/EMS 3 Listeners
Chester County Fire/EMS - Analog5 Listeners
Chester County Fire/EMS - Digital57 Listeners
Chester County Fire/EMS - West1 Listeners
Chester County Law Enforcement Dispatch
Central, East & West
18 Listeners
CSX Philly Sub East0 Listeners
CSX/NS Woodbourne PA
CSX 160:980 160:740 161:100 160:230 NS 160:800
1 Listeners
Delaware County Fire - Ops 14 Listeners
Delaware County Fire - Ops 88 Listeners
Delaware County Fire 4
Hosted by Broomall Fire Company, Delaware County Station 53
3 Listeners
Delaware County Police Dispatch - Sector 2
Newtown, Marple, Upper Providence, Springfield, Morton, Swarthmore, Media & Nether Providence
2 Listeners
Delaware County Police Dispatch - Sector 4
Lansdowne, Aldan, Clifton Heights, East Lansdowne, Yeadon, Darby Boro, Colwyn, Sharon Hill, Folcroft, Collingdale, & Darby Twp
3 Listeners
Delaware County Police Dispatch - Sector 5
Eddystone, Ridley, Glenolden, Prospect Park, Norwood, Tinicum & Ridley Park
10 Listeners
Delaware County Police Dispatch - Sector 6
Millbourne & Upper Darby
7 Listeners
Delaware County Police Dispatch - Sector 7
Haverford & Radnor
4 Listeners
East Brandywine Fire Company
Official scanner feed for the East Brandywine Fire Company (Chester County Sta 49).
1 Listeners
Gloucester County Fire and EMS
Gloucester County Fire & EMS scanner feed taking you LIVE and straight into the JABS!
4 Listeners
Gloucester County Fire/EMS
This is a feed from a SDR radio meaning there is no backgrouond noise. This feed will supply Gloucester County Fire and EMS talkgroups.
15 Listeners
Gloucester County Public Safety
Broadcasting Gloucester County’s Fire and EMS channels along with Gloucester County’s Event channels.
3 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire - Central
Left Channel: Fire: Regions 1 through 6, OPS Channels 1-8, Penndot (county units to/from PennDot District 6), Event channels 1-10 and EMA. Right Channel - No audio as of now.
2 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire and EMS - Digital 8 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire and EMS - East
Broadcasting: Dispatch, Fire Reg 4,5,6, Fire Ops 4,5,6 EMS Hail & OPS, Emergency and Fire Admin
23 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire and EMS East, Bucks Fire/EMS West
Montgomery Co: Dispatch, Regions 4,5,& 6. All Event Channels, Fireground 5 (range limited/line of sight only), Willow Grove (Sta 10) Local. Bucks County: Central Band (Analog from Sta 3 repeater), Fire/EMS Dispatch
7 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire West and Police Southwest
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Fire - All talkgroups, EMS - All talkgroups, All county event channels.
3 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire/EMS Dispatch and Digital Fire 5 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire/EMS West - Digital
All County Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire West Regions 1-6 EMS Hail All Event Channels Fire Ops 1-3 "No Fire Police" unless on Event Channels
3 Listeners
Montgomery County Police, Fire and EMS - Region 3
Montgomery County Fire and EMS Dispatch, Fire Region 3, Fire Police West Traffic Control Operations, Event 1-6, Note: due to changing of Montgomery County to a new p25 system, all police channels are now encrypted, we will be unable to broadcast.
7 Listeners
New Castle County Fire
Talkgroups being provided: N-Disp N-Tac3 N-Tac4 N-Tac5
39 Listeners
New Castle County SKYWARN
This stream will be offline unless severe weather is moving through the area. You may hear radio traffic that is not related to SKYWARN since these frequencies also act as normal repeaters.
NS Harrisburg East Dispatcher
The NS Harrisburg East territory operates on AAR Channel 050 - 160.8600 MHz. This stream provides single channel, wide area coverage. It does not scan. See "Feed Notes" for some interesting information about this stream.
3 Listeners
NS, CSX, Conrail: Philadelphia Area freight train feed2 Listeners
PA Turnpike Police Harrisburg - East
Coverage between Harrisburg(Highspire) to PA/NJ Bridge -- (District 4) Officially Online 2017-3-26
6 Listeners
Philadelphia Allstar Hub Node 27225
This is a broadcast of the Philadelphia Allstar Hub node 27225. You will hear both technical and general discussion by amateur radio operators connected to the hub from SE Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and throughout the US.
0 Listeners
Philadelphia Fire - South Fire/South Medics5 Listeners
Philadelphia Fire Dispatch - North
PFD N-Fire Covering north of Lehigh Avenue and east of the Schuylkill River
21 Listeners
Philadelphia Fire Dispatch - South
PFD S-Fire and PFD S-Medic. Covering south of Lehigh Avenue and west of the Schuylkill River.
4 Listeners
Philadelphia Police - Citywide
PPD J-Band, PPD T-Band, PPD Events 1, and PPD Events 2.
45 Listeners
Philadelphia Police - East
PPD East - 24th & 26th Districts
29 Listeners
Philadelphia Police - East 2
PPD East 2 - 25th District
4 Listeners
Philadelphia Police - Far Northeast
PPD Far Northeast - 7th & 8th Districts.
12 Listeners
Philadelphia Police - Northeast
PPD Northeast - 2nd & 15th Districts.
78 Listeners
Philadelphia Police Dispatch - Central
PPD Central - 6th & 9th Districts, and PPD N-Centrl - 22nd District.
12 Listeners
Philadelphia Police Dispatch - Northwest
PPD North - 14th & 35th Districts, and PPD N-West - 5th & 39th Districts.
7 Listeners
Philadelphia Police Dispatch - South
PPD South - 1st, 3rd, & 17th Districts.
24 Listeners
Philadelphia Police Dispatch - Southwest
PPD Southwest - 12th & 18th Districts.
14 Listeners
Philadelphia Police Dispatch - West
PPD West - 16th & 19th Districts.
3 Listeners
Salem County Fire and EMS
Covering all of Salem County. Monitoring all 500 MHz conventional Fire-EMS Fireground and Dispatch frequencies. South Jersey Net for chopper request and LZ assignments.
9 Listeners
SEPTA Regional Rail - North, South, City, MoW and Yard
North, South, City, MoW and Yard. Covering counties BUCKS(PA) - MONTGOMERY(PA) - PHILADELPHIA(PA) - NEW CASTLE COUNTY(DE)
0 Listeners
SEPTA Surface Operations1 Listeners
Upper Darby Township Fire 10
Fire 10 for Upper Darby Fire
1 Listeners
W3GMS 146.9850 MHz Repeater0 Listeners
Wilmington Fire4 Listeners
Yeadon 449.975Mhz Amateur Repeater/Allstarlink 421670 Listeners