PA Turnpike Police Harrisburg - East
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Coverage between Harrisburg(Highspire) to PA/NJ Bridge -- (District 4) Officially Online 2017-3-26

PA Turnpike Police Harrisburg-"EAST"

This would cover Bucks,Montgomery,Philadelphia & Chester countys in Pennsylvania. 
This traffic contains accidents, breakdowns to accidents, any emergency announcements for weather, fire or ems. 

Also known as District 4.
This does NOT contain tactical, car-to-car, SWAT, narcotics or detectives. 
Its has very informative traffic for drivers. 

Station Notes: Our antennas are within 1000 ft of turnpike repeater.

Backup Provisions: UPS backed up by a natural gas stand-by generator.

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ONLINE SINCE : 4/24/2013