Gloucester County Fire and EMS
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Gloucester County's ONLY exclusive Fire & EMS scanner feed!

Gloucester County and ONLY Gloucester County Fire & EMS!!

Feed notes:

     *Actively scanned channels include:  County Dispatch, Fire 1-6, EMS 1 & 2, Highway 1 & 2, Inter-Ops 1-3, and South Jersey Net.  Event channels are locked out, but may be unlocked during some larger non-emergency events/incidents within the county.

     *Administrator has the capability of remotely locking feed during active incidents.  Feed will be unlocked when incident stabilizes or another major incident is dispatched.

     *Users will experience noticeably 'louder' and less clear radio traffic, at times.  This is due to a patch on the system with Atlantic County units and beyond control.

     *Users will hear traffic from Camden County and Salem County (intermittently).  This too is due to a patch of inter-operations frequencies between counties.

     *03/2021 - New backup generator added to the site.  If there are storms in the area and the feed goes down, check back in a few minutes as the connection will be reset when the transition is made to generator power.