Gloucester County Fire and EMS
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Gloucester County's ONLY exclusive Fire & EMS scanner feed!

Gloucester County and ONLY Gloucester County Fire & EMS!!

Feed notes:

     *Actively scanned channels include:  County Dispatch, Fire 1-6, EMS 1 & 2, Highway 1 & 2, Inter-Ops 1-3, and South Jersey Net.  Event channels are locked out, but may be unlocked during some larger non-emergency events/incidents within the county.

         *Users will experience noticeably 'louder' and less clear radio traffic, at times.  This is due to a patch on the system with Atlantic County units and beyond control.

     *Users will hear traffic from Camden County and Salem County (intermittently).  This too is due to a patch of inter-operations frequencies between counties.

     *03/2021 - New backup generator added to the site.  If there are storms in the area and the feed goes down, check back in a few minutes as the connection will be reset when the transition is made to generator power.

    *11/2021 - Apologies for the feed being down.  The UPS needed a new battery and had to be ordered.  Some other improvements to the site were made and we experienced some difficulties restoring the feed.  All seems to be back to normal.  If any issues, utilize the Broadcastify link to report problems.  UPDATE:  2nd UPS added to network to provide seemless transition to generator power - SHOULD provide for ZERO interuption in service during power outage.