NS Harrisburg East Dispatcher
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The NS Harrisburg East territory operates on AAR Channel 050 - 160.8600 MHz. This stream provides single channel, wide area coverage. It does not scan. See "Feed Notes" for some interesting information about this stream.

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Welcome to the NS Harrisburg East Railroad Dispatcher stream!
If You See Something, Say Something!
Railroad enthusiasts can provide many additional pairs of eyes and ears to keep our railroads safe. You can help!
Report problems such as track obstructions, trespassers, vehicles stalled on the tracks, possible mechanical issues with moving trains, malfunctioning crossing protection, suspicious activity or other security issues. Contact the NS Railroad Police at 800-453-2530 or call 911.
About this Stream:
This stream is provided under the auspices of the Harrisburg Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society in conjunction with The Central Pennsylvania Repeater Association amateur radio club, South Mountain Communications, Inc. and Broadcastify.com as a service to the railfan community.
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Special thanks go to:
  • Brian Auker - N3JYD
  • Gary Blacksmith - WA3CPO
  • Kevin Maglouglin - KA0JQO
  • Dan Rapak - WA3ATV
  • and Jeff Vinton - W2JSV for their efforts in making this feed possible.
The NS Harrisburg East territory is a major link in Norfolk Southern’s east-west railroad. The Reading, PA area is a nexus where trains from the port facilities in the Northern New Jersey / New York area merge with traffic from the Philadelphia area making this a very busy territory.
The radio frequency is AAR Channel 050 - 160.8600 MHz.
This stream provides single channel, wide area coverage. It does not scan. Radio signals are received from Signal 341 / 342 east of Pottstown to BURKE interlocking at milepost HP 104.2 in the west and to BLANDON interlocking at milepost RV 7.5 in the north.
The NS Harrisburg East desk covers the following rail lines:
  • The Harrisburg Line from BURKE interlocking on the west at milepost HP 104.2 near Hummelstown, PA to its eastern terminus near Philadelphia.
  • The entire Lehigh Line
  • The entire Morrisville Line.
  • The entire Reading Line.
  • The Ashmore Secondary
  • The C&F Secondary
  • The Cement Secondary
  • The Dale Secondary
  • The Pottsville Branch
  • The Cornwall Industrial Track (what’s left of it)
  • The Evansville Industrial Track
  • The Freemansburg Industrial Track
  • The Pottstown Industrial Track
  • The Reading Industrial Track
  • The Richmond Street Industrial Track
  • The Spruce Street Industrial Track
  • The Venice Industrial Track
  • The 11th Street Industrial Track
This desk also dispatches the southern portion of the NS Buffalo Line. However, that line is not within radio reception range of this feed.
You will also hear the NS Lehigh Line dispatcher who controls The Reading Line from BELT to BLANDON.
Activity of note includes:
  • Traffic in and out of Reading Yard between BELT interlocking and OLEY interlocking.
  • Interchange traffic with the Reading, Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad through BELT interlocking to Reading Yard.
  • Work at Dyer’s Quarry on the Harrisburg Line Main Track (the “Turkey Path”) at Milepost GV 16.5.
  • PRL’s Lancaster & Northern exercising trackage rights between their connection to the NS Harrisburg Line at Sinking Springs (between WYOMISSING JCT and DORF interlocking on Track 2) and Reading Yard for interchange.
  • Work at the PPC ethanol terminal at Sinking Springs, also between WYOMISSING JCT and DORF interlocking on Track 2.
  • Work by the “Hershey Shifter” moving cars between the various plants of Hershey Foods by way of several hand crossovers and hand switches between BURKE interlocking and MILLARDS interlocking.
  • You may also hear the NS Harrisburg Terminal Dispatcher on this frequency communicating with trains entering his territory.
Defect Detectors heard on this feed include:
Harrisburg Line - Main Line:
  • MP 46.9 - DE, HB
  • MP 54.6 - DE, HB
  • MP 56.0 - HC
  • MP 60.9 - HC  (WYOMISSING JCT)
  • MP 63.5 - DE, HB
  • MP 71.1 - DE, HB
  • MP 79.8 - DE, HB
  • MP 90.5 - DE, HB
  • MP 103.3 - DE, HB, HW  (BURKE interlocking)
  • MP 105.0 - HC  (BEAVER interlocking - Thoroughfare Track and Rutherford Siding, eastbound only)
Harrisburg Line - Turkey Path:
  • MP 14.0 - DE, HB
Pottsville Branch:
  •  MP 61.3 - HC (BELT interlocking.)
Reading Line:
  • MP 0.8 - DE, HB
  • MP 14.1 - DE, HB (Belt Line east of CUMRU)
Also heard on this stream are some of the yard operations at Allentown Yard and Abrams Yard which use the same radio channel.
Adjacent Territory: The Harrisburg Chapter of the NRHS also maintains a radio stream of the NS Harrisburg Terminal Dispatcher. This is the next territory to the west of the Harrisburg East Desk and compliments this feed. It is also available on Broadcastify at:

TrainMon5: This territory is well covered by our companion TrainMon5 display. TrainMon5 uses your browser to provide a graphical display of the railroad in real-time, similar to what a dispatcher would see on their screens. The display runs on any browser and any device that supports a browser including both Windows and Apple computers, note pads and both Android and iOS smart phones. There is no need to install software on your device. However, there is an app for Android phones that can be installed if you choose to. The advantage of the app is greatly reduced data consumption if you are not on an unlimited data plan. Sorry, there is no app for iPhones.

You will need to establish an account to access the TrainMon5 server. There are a number of hoops to jump through for security reasons, but you only have to do this once. It will take time for your account to be approved as each request is reviewed by a human being. The address for TrainMon5 is: https://www.trainmon5.com/

Key locations on this territory are very well documented in
“The Railfan’s Guide for Google Earth” available for download at:
Again, you need to join the group to download the file. Note that this is a large file and may take some time to load in Google Earth.
Happy Monitoring!
Harrisburg Chapter - National Railway Historical Society