Atlantic, Gloucester, and Camden Counties Fire Dispatch - Digital

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Atlantic county wide 800MHz p25 system Hammonton fire 1 Hammonton fire 2 Hamilton fire 1 Hamilton fire 2 Medcom EMS Atlantic City EMS 1 Buena EMS

Gloucester County county wide 700MHz P25 system Fire 1, Fire 2, Fire 3, Fire 4,Fire 6, EMS 1 EMS 2, County wide dispatch, Highway Ops 1, Highway Ops 2. System is also cross patched to Atlantic county VHF Fire 1 and 2.

Camden county wide Providing access to the Camden County 700 MHz P25 Phase II trunked radio system. Specifically, the following talkgroups will be available: Countywide Fire 1 Countywide Fire 2 Countywide EMS 1 Countywide EMS 2 Highway Operations 1 Highway Operations 2 Countywide Inter-Agency North Inter-Agency Operations South Inter-Agency Operations North Fire/EMS Operations North Fire/EMS Tac 1 North Fire/EMS Tac 2 North Fire/EMS Tac 3 South Fire/EMS Operations South Fire/EMS Tac 1 South Fire/EMS Tac 2 South Fire/EMS Tac 3 East Fire/EMS Operations East Fire/EMS Tac 1 East Fire/EMS Tac 2 East Fire/EMS Tac 3 West Fire/EMS Operations West Fire/EMS Tac 1 West Fire/EMS Tac 2 West Fire/EMS Tac 3. System is also cross patched with SJ net for VHF interoperability.