Atlantic, Gloucester, and Camden Counties Fire Dispa...
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Atlantic county wide 800MHz p25 system for the following towns. Buena Vista Fire 1,  Buena Borough Fire 1, Buena Vista/Borough EMS (Gloucester County EMS patch),  Hammonton Fire 1, Hammonton Fire 2, Hamilton fire 1, Hamilton Fire 2. (Units are cross band dispacted on the Atlantic County VHF system).  Atlantic City Fire 1,  Atlantic City EMS,  Atlantic Cape Medcom. 

Gloucester County county wide 700MHz P25 system Fire 1, Fire 2, Fire 3, Fire 4,Fire 6, EMS 1 EMS 2, County wide dispatch, Highway Ops 1, Highway Ops 2. System is also cross patched to Atlantic county VHF Fire 1 and 2.

Camden county wide Providing access to the Camden County 700 MHz P25 Phase II trunked radio system. Specifically, the following talkgroups will be available: Countywide Fire 1 Countywide Fire 2 Countywide EMS 1 Countywide EMS 2 Highway Operations 1 Highway Operations 2 Countywide Inter-Agency North Inter-Agency Operations South Inter-Agency Operations North Fire/EMS Operations North Fire/EMS Tac 1 North Fire/EMS Tac 2 North Fire/EMS Tac 3 South Fire/EMS Operations South Fire/EMS Tac 1 South Fire/EMS Tac 2 South Fire/EMS Tac 3 East Fire/EMS Operations East Fire/EMS Tac 1 East Fire/EMS Tac 2 East Fire/EMS Tac 3 West Fire/EMS Operations West Fire/EMS Tac 1 West Fire/EMS Tac 2 West Fire/EMS Tac 3. System is also cross patched with SJ net for VHF interoperability.