Chester and Montgomery Counties Fire / EMS
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(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Chester County Fire and EMS | Right = Montgomery County Fire and EMS (AlphaTags) | Use balance control to adjust channel volume

Chester and Montgomery counties now support the PulsePoint app for iOS and Android devices.

If you have questions or comments abut the feed or the PulsePoint app send an email to:

Click here for Montgomery County Active Incidents.

Click here for Chester County Active Incidents.


Use balance control to adjust the volume of each channel.

The hardware setup for this feed utilizes four different soundcards. If you hear any Montgomery County Police radio traffic on the left channel of this feed please send an email.

Left Channel: Chester County Fire and EMS Digital

  • Fire/EMS Dispatch (As rebroadcast over the trunked system and not on VHF.)
  • Central Zone: EMS Ops; Central Fire Ops 1 thru 4; Central Fire Police; Central Fire Response
  • East Zone: East EMS Ops; East Fire Ops 1 thru 4; East Fire Police; East Fire Response
  • West Zone: West EMS Ops; West Fire ops 1 thru 4; West Fire Police; West Fire Response
  • EMS Task Force; Fire Task Force

Right Channel: Montgomery County Fire and EMS

  • Countywide Fire and EMS Dispatch
  • Fire Regions 1 thru 6
  • Fire Police East and West
  • EMS Hail and Ops
  • Countywide Interop: Event 1 thru 9, Countywide Emergency and Flash Announcements, Public Safety