Feed Status
AB5U VHF/UHF/DMR Rowlett Repeaters0 Listeners
Arlington Fire Department3 Listeners
Boonsville FireOffline
Bosque and Surrounding Counties Public Safety0 Listeners
Collin County Police, Fire and EMS
Monitoring The Following: Police, Fire, and EMS ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Frisco, Prosper Allen, Fairview, Lucas, Murphey, Parker, The Colony, Wylie Plano, Richardson, UTD Dallas, McKinney
13 Listeners
Collin County Public Safety
Feed is monitoring the Collin County simulcast of the PAWM radio system. This includes Sheriff's Dept, and any city police, fire, and EMS that is using the system.
1 Listeners
Collin County Sheriff, Plano, Allen, Wylie, Murphy, Colony, Frisco, and Prosper Police
Police Agency City(s): PAWMCo (Plano, Allen, Wylie, Murphy, Colony, Collin County Sheriff), Frisco, and Prosper PD
1 Listeners
Dallas City Fire and Rescue
DFR1 (Fire) 453.875 and DFR2 (Rescue MICU)453.900 DFR FireGround Staging 465.6125 SIMPLEX DFR FireGround 12 465.6375 SIMPLEX. Automated Station Dispatching is NOT carried on this feed.
7 Listeners
Dallas City Police - 1 Central and 2 Northeast
Dallas Police 1 Central - 2 North East
45 Listeners
Dallas City Police - North Central Dispatch
Dallas Police North Central Patrol Division - NTIRN Layer 1 (P25)
1 Listeners
Dallas County Sheriff and Fire
Dallas County Fire Rescue Channel (Not very active). Dallas Sheriff CH 5 and CH 11. Primary patrol and traffic channels.
11 Listeners
Denton County Fire Departments
Includes all Fire Departments in Denton County except City of Denton and The Colony. See the feed notes for full details...
7 Listeners
Denton County Sheriff
Patrol 1 - Denton Co. sheriff Patrol 2 - unknow but researching Patrol 3 - Denton Co. Small town including Pilot Point
1 Listeners
Ellis County Fire Dispatch
Feed Ellis county Tx Fire Dispatch and Other City FDs on new p25 700Mhz system. Some rural BFDs are still on old VHF Repeater system But are NOT monitored on this Feed.
2 Listeners
Ellis County Public Safety 4 Listeners
Ennis Police and Fire, Ellis County Sheriff
This feed contains Ennis PD & FD, Ellis County Sheriff Ch 1 & 2, and Ellis Co VFD. Other PD on this feed include Palmer PD, Italy PD, Milford PD, Garrett PD, Alma PD, Maypearl PD.
Flower Mound Fire Department
Radio is a Uniden BCD325P2 feeding audio into a Pi4. The FM Police is on its own feed
1 Listeners
Flower Mound Police Department
Radio is a Uniden BCD325P2 feeding audio into a Pi4. The FM Fire feed has been moved to its own feed
3 Listeners
Frisco Area Fire1 Listeners
Grapevine Police, Fire and EMS5 Listeners
Grayson and Collin County Rural FDs0 Listeners
Hunt County and Fannin County Public Safety
-Hunt County Sheriff's Office -Commerce P.D -Greenville P.D -Hunt County EMS -Texas DPS -AirEvac Medical Helicopter -Fannin County Sheriff's Office -Fannin County Fire & EMS -Hopkins County Sheriff's Office -Hopkins County EMS -Hopkins Coun
9 Listeners
Johnson County ARES Repeaters
KY5O ARES repeater 444.000 MHz, KB5YBI ARES repeater 145.490 MHz
0 Listeners
Johnson County Fire Alarm
Johnson County Fire Alarm from Johnson County ESD 771.1812 Stream Restarts at midnight every day. This will only take a few minutes.
0 Listeners
K5FTW 146.9400 MHz Tarrant County RACES/ARES - SKYWARN
Radio will be monitoring amateur radio repeater 146.940 Mhz. This is the primary frequency used for Fort Worth and Tarrant County Skywarn, RACES (Radio Amateurs in Civil Emergency Service), and ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) reports and operation
0 Listeners
K5LRK 147.3800 MHz Lake Area Amateur Radio Klub0 Listeners
K5PRK 147.1800 MHz Plano ARK Repeater
The K5PRK repeater is the primary repeater for the Plano Amateur Radio Klub, and is used for Collin County Amateur Radio Emergency Service. When there are Severe Weather Warnings in Collin County, this repeater is used Skywarn Weather Spotting reports.
0 Listeners
K5PRK 444.2500 MHz Plano ARK Repeater0 Listeners
K5RWK 147.1200 MHz Richardson Wireless Klub Repeater0 Listeners
Kaufman County Sheriff
Kaufman County Sheriff & Terrell PD & Fire from the Kaufman County Emergency Center using P25 Phase II Simulcast. This is being broadcast using Uniden SDS200 and ProScan Software.
15 Listeners
KB5A 145.210 MHz Repeater, Metrocrest Amateur Radio Society (MARS)0 Listeners
Lewisville Fire Department
Broadcasting Lewisville Fire Department on a RaspberryPi 3 with NESDR Radio using OP25 software. LFD is also included on my Denton County Fire Departments feed however this is a stand-alone broadcast for just Lewisville.
1 Listeners
Lewisville Police
Feed is broadcasting main dispatch, backup dispatch and Police Interagency (also used for special events).
2 Listeners
Little Elm Fire Department
Little Elm Fire Department talkgroups Dispatch, Primary, Fire 2, Fire 3, and Fire 4.
1 Listeners
Love Field Air Traffic Control1 Listeners
Lucas Fire and EMS2 Listeners
McKinney Fire and EMS
ALL police traffic is currently encrypted. The "chirping" sound is Motorola's ADP encryption and *not* distorted audio. The police channels are not locked out as sometimes encryption is turned off for mutual aid and large-scale events.
0 Listeners
North Central Texas Amateur Radio
You'll normally hear ARES, RACES and SKYWARN repeaters in the DFW area, commonly used simplex frequencies. Several training nets are heard every evening starting at 18:30 local. Sometimes you'll hear traffic from simplex frequencies, AMSATs, and HF.
0 Listeners
Parker County Fire and EMS10 Listeners
Plano Fire
Scanned Audio Of PAWM System Talkgroups -> PLF-ALERTING, PLF-02, PLF-04, PLF-05 FG, PLF-06 CMD, PLF-09, PLF-10, PLF-11 FRISCO, PLF-12 FG, PLF-13 CMD, FD-INTEROP
13 Listeners
Plano Police Dispatch5 Listeners
Prosper Fire and EMS2 Listeners
Richardson Fire3 Listeners
Rockwall City Police, Fire, and EMS6 Listeners
Sachse Police and Fire2 Listeners
Skywarn/ARES Wise County - Decatur0 Listeners
Sunnyvale Fire Rescue1 Listeners
Tarrant County Fire/EMS
Scanning Tarrant and Johnson County Fire Departments.
5 Listeners
The Colony Police, Fire and EMS
The Colony Police, Fire and EMS - The Colony, TX Win10/RTL-SDR - Plano, Allen, Wylie, and Murphy (PAWM) P25 Phase II system Broadcasting Police, Fire and EMS Radio Traffic from The Colony Location: The Colony, TX
1 Listeners
W5FC 146.8800 MHz Repeater
Dallas ARC, RACES/SKYWARN. NTS daily @18:30, CERT net Fri. @20:00, Tech Net (radio Q&A, swap meet) Sat. @19:00, SKYNET (astronomy & space), Sat. @21:00, sci-fi movie discussion (Sat. @22:30). Every Mon.: a different net @19:00. All times local.
0 Listeners
W5FKN 145.1700 MHz Denton County ARA Repeater
Denton County Amateur Radio Association 145.17 repeater stream. Primary Lewisville Amateur Radio Association (LARA) hangout. Backup ARES and SKYWARN repeater. Hi-Fi.
1 Listeners
W5NGU 146.9200 MHz Denton County ARA
Denton County Amateur Radio Association primary repeater. ARES and SKYWARN stream. Hi-Fi
0 Listeners
W5NGU 444.0500 MHz Denton County ARA Repeater
Denton County Amateur Radio Association analog UHF repeater stream. Drive time & late night buffoonery. Hi-Fi.
0 Listeners
WD5DDH Midlothian Repeater0 Listeners
West of Town Amateur Radio - Simplex 1 Listeners
Wise County Fire and EMS
Decatur, Wise Co. Fire & EMS P25 and conventional channels.
11 Listeners
Wise County SheriffOffline