Plano Fire
Feed Status:     Listeners: 9


Scanned Audio Of PAWM System Talkgroups -> PLF-ALERTING, PLF-02, PLF-04, PLF-05 FG, PLF-06 CMD, PLF-09, PLF-10, PLF-11 FRISCO, PLF-12 FG, PLF-13 CMD, FD-INTEROP

The City of Plano TX, FD, talk groups PLF-ALERTING, PLF-2, PLF-4, PLF-5 FG, PLF-6 CMD, PLF-9,PLF-10, PLF-11 FRISCO INTEROP, PLF-12 FG, PLF-13CMD, and PLF-INTEROP from the PAWM radio network. These transmission will be linked to the Pulse Point App. Interested citizens may download the Pulse Point APP and monitor Plano FD from their smart phone . The PAWM radio network is located in Collin and Denton County.