Dallas City Fire and Rescue
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DFR1 (Fire) 453.875 and DFR2 (Rescue MICU)453.900 DFR FireGround Staging 465.6125 SIMPLEX DFR FireGround 12 465.6375 SIMPLEX. Automated Station Dispatching is NOT carried on this feed.

Dallas Fire Channel 1 453.875 FD primary Channel. Engine, Truck, Chief Dallas Fire Channel 2 453.900 MICU primary Channel. DFR 11 and DFR 12 which are talk around direct channels. I am using a Motorola Visar radio with MCD1200 enabled to help eliminate the data burst that is typically heard on a scanner. It will eliminate most but not all of the Data burst associated with the units keying up using the MCD1200 signaling.