Feed Status
AB5U VHF/UHF/DMR Rowlett RepeatersOffline
Dallas City Fire and Rescue
DFR1 (Fire) 453.875 and DFR2 (Rescue MICU)453.900 DFR FireGround Staging 465.6125 SIMPLEX DFR FireGround 12 465.6375 SIMPLEX. Automated Station Dispatching is NOT carried on this feed.
11 Listeners
Dallas City Police 1 Central and 2 Northeast
Dallas Police 1 Central - 2 North East
20 Listeners
Dallas City Police 3 Southeast, 4 Southwest, and 7 South Central
Dallas Police 3 South East - 4 South West - 7 South Central
31 Listeners
Dallas County Sheriff and Fire
Dallas County Fire Rescue Channel (Not very active). Dallas Sheriff CH 5 and CH 11. Primary patrol and traffic channels.
6 Listeners
K5RWK 147.1200 MHz Richardson Wireless Klub Repeater0 Listeners
Richardson Fire3 Listeners
Sachse Police and Fire9 Listeners
Sunnyvale Fire Rescue0 Listeners
W5FC 146.8800 MHz Repeater
Dallas ARC, RACES/SKYWARN. NTS daily @18:30, CERT net Fri. @19:30, Tech Net (radio Q&A, swap meet Sat. @19:00), SKYNET (astronomy & space, Sat. @21:00), sci-fi movie discussion (Sat. @22:30). Every Mon.: a different net @19:00. All times local.
0 Listeners