Denton County Fire Departments
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Includes all Fire Departments in Denton County except City of Denton and The Colony. See the feed notes for full details...

Denton County, TX Fire Departments
Denton County P25 Phase II System - Broadcast using a RaspberryPi 3 and NESDR Radio
Broadcasting Fire and EMS Radio Traffic on the Denton County P25 Phase II System.

This broadcast includes all Denton County Fire Departments except City of Denton, and The Colony FD.

UPDATED 12/26/19 - To improve audio quality, this broadcast now runs on a RaspberryPi 3 with NESDR Radio using OP25 software.  This will dramatically improve the missed traffic and garbled sounding transmissions due to the other scanner I was using.  The City of Denton and The Colony FD do not use the Denton Co P25 system and are not included in this broadcast.  This may change in the future...

This live audio feed includes the following (with ID numbers):

Flower Mound FD (500)
Highland Village FD (480)
Denton County Fire Dispatch
Trophy Club FD (680)
Roanoke FD (660)
Justin FD (570)
Argyle FD (510)
Double Oak FD (550)
Ponder FD (650)
Krum FD (580)
Sanger FD (670)
Little Elm FD (620)
Aubrey FD (520)
Pilot Point FD (640)
Oak Point FD (630)
Lake Cities FD (590)
Lewisville FD (160) - also uses Engine 1, 2, etc.
Prosper FD (Engine 1, 2, etc.)