Feed Status
Acushnet Fire and EMS1 Listeners
Acushnet, Fairhaven and Mattapoisett Police Dispatch7 Listeners
Albion Fire1 Listeners
Attleboro Police and Fire
APD dispatch and channel 2 and AFD dispatch and fireground channel
17 Listeners
Barrington Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Barrington Fire Ground0 Listeners
Bristol Town Fire Dispatch4 Listeners
Burrillville Fire and EMS5 Listeners
Central Coventry Fire0 Listeners
Central Falls Fire2 Listeners
Charlestown Ambulance Rescue0 Listeners
Coventry Fire5 Listeners
Coventry Fire Dispatch1 Listeners
Cranston Fire/EMS3 Listeners
Cumberland Fire1 Listeners
Dartmouth Fire - District 1
This feed includes: Dartmouth District 1
1 Listeners
Dartmouth Fire - District 33 Listeners
Dartmouth Police - Channel 12 Listeners
Dighton FireOffline
East Greenwich Fire Dispatch2 Listeners
East Providence Police and Fire
East Providence Police and Fire and Marine Task Force on the RISCON 800MHz Band
16 Listeners
Fairhaven Fire2 Listeners
Fall River Police and Fire
FRPD Ch1, Ch2 and Ch3, Ch4 Bristol County Wide, FRFD Ch1 and Ch2, Tiverton FD
59 Listeners
Freetown Police & Fire
Police & Fire Frequencies for Freetown, Massachusetts.
2 Listeners
Jamestown Fire0 Listeners
Jamestown Fire Ops0 Listeners
KA1MXL Link BM31444, YSF93196 and Allstar 455900 Listeners
KB1NYT Repeater Swansea0 Listeners
Lincoln Fire
Lincoln, RI 800mhz Dispatch & Firegrounds 2 and 3
4 Listeners
Mansfield Fire2 Listeners
Manville Fire1 Listeners
Narragansett Fire Dispatch5 Listeners
New Bedford Area Police/Fire and MSP Troop D
Police, Fire/EMS and USCG for greater New Bedford area including Mass State Police Troop D-3 Barracks (Dartmouth)
3 Listeners
New Bedford Fire
Channels 1 and 2
3 Listeners
New Bedford Police, Fire and EMS59 Listeners
New-Eng VOIP Network Skywarn/ARES NEW-ENG3
Ham Radio VoIP Network Linked System *NEW-ENG3* More info go to IRLP Reflector 9123 Echolink Conference *NEW-ENG3* 9123 Brandmister DMR Talk Group 31720 Allstar 48768
0 Listeners
Newport Fire
Monitors Newport Fire Department main dispatch frequency, Fire Ground 1, and Fire Ground 2 channels.
9 Listeners
North Attleboro Fire11 Listeners
North Attleboro Fire Channel 2 Fire Ground5 Listeners
North Central Airport CTAF1 Listeners
North Kingstown Fire Department2 Listeners
North Providence Fire and EMS
North Providence Fire -EMS 800mhz RISCON. Fire Intercity
12 Listeners
Norton Police, Fire, EMS and EMA
Norton Ma. 02766 PD Ch1471.00, NFD/EMS/EMA Ch1 453.8625 Analog Conventional Repeater with 2 Remote Receiver Sites
1 Listeners
Pawtucket Fire Channels 1 and 212 Listeners
Portsmouth Fire Department
Portsmouth main, Fire ground and Marine Task Force 1.
2 Listeners
Providence Fire 16 Listeners
Prudence Island Volunteer Fire1 Listeners
Quinnville Fire1 Listeners
Rehoboth Ambulance Committee0 Listeners
Rehoboth Police and Fire
Fire Dispatch, Police Dispatch, and Bristol County Mutual aid frequencies.
6 Listeners
Rhode Island Public Safety
all police and fire DPW On RISCON 800MhZ
28 Listeners
Saylesville Fire District1 Listeners
Seekonk Fire Dispatch 0 Listeners
Somerset Police and Fire
(((((Stereo Feed))))) Left Ch Police 482.850 , Right Ch Fire 483.000
3 Listeners
South Coast Massachusetts Public Safety
Acushnet, Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion and Rochester. (Police, Fire & DPW). New marine coverage. See notes for details.
5 Listeners
South Foster Fire Dispatch2 Listeners
South Kingstown Fire Dispatch (UFD & KFD)
Union Fire District (UFD) and Kingston Fire District (KFD) dispatch channel.
5 Listeners
Southern Rhode Island and Southeastern Connecticut Fire and EMS
Regional Fire & EMS feed covering from Narragansett RI to Groton CT and north to Exeter RI. Includes all channels of Westerly Regional Dispatch Center. Also carrying the RI Marine Task Force 800 channel.
19 Listeners
Southern Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Eastern Connecticut Public Safety
Newport County RI, Bristol County MA and RI, Washington County RI, Kent County RI, New London County CT, Windham County CT, Providence Fire.
3 Listeners
Taunton Area Police and Fire Departments
Taunton, Raynham, Lakeville, Berkley, Freetown, Middleboro and Dighton, Norton Police & Fire Departments.
15 Listeners
Taunton Fire
This is a feed of Taunton Fire Primary, Secondary, and Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant. There are no other towns, cities, or channels on this feed. Note: Taunton PD are no longer on this feed. They've gone fully encrypted.
9 Listeners
Tiverton Fire1 Listeners
Town of Scituate Fire and EMS1 Listeners
W1CRB - Allstarlink Node 500510
The Allstar node is maintain by W1CRB. Currently linked to Echolink W1CRB-L, Occasionally linked to the Hurricane VOIP net during Tropical Storms & Hurricanes.
0 Listeners
Warren Fire3 Listeners
Watch Hill Fire0 Listeners
West Glocester Fire 1 Listeners
West Warwick Fire4 Listeners
Westerly & Chariho Area Fire Departments
Eight Fire Districts in the towns of Westerly, Charlestown, Richmond and Hopkinton. No EMS channels.
3 Listeners
Westerly Ambulance Corp2 Listeners
Westport Fire2 Listeners
Woonsocket Public Safety
Woonsocket Public Safety feed for WPD, WFD & OPS Channels, Woon. EMA & Mutual Aid TG's on the RISCON system
14 Listeners