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Regional Fire & EMS feed covering from Narragansett RI to Groton CT and north to Exeter RI. Includes all channels of Westerly Regional Dispatch Center. Also carrying the RI Marine Task Force 800 channel.

This regional feed covers Fire & EMS frequencies in the following towns:

RI:   Westerly, Charlestown, Richmond, Hopkinton, Exeter,  South Kingstown (fire only, not EMS), and Narragansett.

CT:  Stonington, North Stonington, Groton, Ledyard  and Mashantucket.  

Departments Covered:

  • Many of the towns covered by this feed have multiple fire districts and/or EMS providers.
  • The individual Fire Districts / Fire Departments  monitored by this scanner feed include: Westerly, Watch Hill, Misquamicut, Dunns Corners, Charlestown, Richmond-Carolina, Ashaway, Hope Valley-Wyoming, Exeter Volunteer Fire Companies 1 & 2,  Kingston, Union Fire District of South Kingstown, Narragansett, Pawcatuck, Wequetequock, Stonington Borough, Quiambaug, North Stonington, Mashantucket, Mystic, Old Mystic.
  • EMS agencies monitored by this feed include: Westerly Ambulance,  Ashaway Ambulance, Hope Valley Ambulance, Charlestown Ambulance-Rescue, Exeter Rescue, URI EMS,  Stonington Ambulance, Mystic River Ambulance.

Dispatch Centers heard on this feed:

  • Westerly Dispatch:  the only regional dispatch center in Rhode Island. Located at the Westerly Ambulance Headquarters building on Chestnut Street, they provide contracted dispatch service for 13 Fire and EMS agencies in the towns of Westerly, Hopkinton, Richmond, portions of Charlestown RI and portions of Stonington CT,  covering a total land and water area of 203 square miles.  They do not dispatch police. Westerly Dispatch utilizes 7 different dispatch  frequencies and several other miscellaneous / interoperability channels.  When things get  busy you may be hearing the dispatcher jump back and forth between the different frequencies they utilize.
  • Charlestown Dispatch: this is the Charlestown PD dispatcher. They dispatch Charlestown Fire and Charlestown EMS
  • Station K is the South Kingstown PD/Fire/EMS Dispatch Center. They dispatch Union Fire District and Kingston Fire District. I cannot carry South Kingstown EMS becaue they operate encryption on their talkgroup.
  • Station G is the Narragansett PD/Fire Dispatch Center
  • Exeter Fire Alarm is the Town of Exeter's dispatch center located at the Exeter Rescue building on Route 102.
  • Station T is the Stonington PD/Fire/EMS dispatcher.  They dispatch Stonington Ambulance and Quiambaug FD. The other fire departments & EMS in the town of Stonington are dispatched by either Westerly Dispatch (Pawcatuck FD, Wequetequock FD, Stonington Borough FD) or  Groton Fire Alarm (Mystic FD, Old Mystic FD, Mystic River Ambulance).
  • Groton Fire Alarm: is the Town of Groton Communications Center.  GFA also dispatches North Stonington Fire and Ambulance.  
  • Station PQ:  Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation Dispatch Center covering the Foxwoods Casino and surrounding tribal lands, facilities, and tribal neighborhoods..
  • Station R:  town of Ledyard dispatch center

Rhode Island Specific Frequencies
RI Southern Firemen's  League - North Fire channel (the inland departments) 154.4075  
RI Southern Firemen's  League - South Fire Channel (the coastal departments)  151.0625  
North EMS channel (Hope Valley & Ashaway EMS)  154.2575   
Westerly Fire District  154.160   
Westerly Ambulance/EMS  159.1125
Charlestown Ambulance/EMS/Rescue (800 MHz RISCON)


South Kingstown Fire Ch 1 453.450
South Kingstown Fire Ch 3 460.5875
South Kingstown Fire Ch 7 453.100
Exeter Fire/Rescue/EMS 460.525
Narragansett Fire Dispatch and Fireground Talkgroups on the 800 MHz RISCON system

Connecticut Specific Frequencies

North Stonington Fire  151.235

North Stonington Ambulance/EMS 155.925

Pawcatuck  Fire  154.445
Stonington Fire  155.775
Stonington Ambulance/EMS 159.4575
Mashantucket Fire Dept  33.84 (Dispatch only. Cannot carry operations which is on Foxwood's commercial trunk system).  

Groton Dispatch 151.295. This is the town-wide initial dispatch channel being carried  for incident awareness only. You wont hear incident operations  except for Command East (Old Mystic) and Fireground 6 (Mystic). 

Groton Command East  (Old Mystic FD operations) 154.070

Groton Fire Alarm Fireground 6 (Mystic FD operations) 155.280

Ledyard Dispatch channel is carried for incident awareness only. Ledyard Operations Tac channels  are not carried on this feed. 


Miscellaneous Talkgroups on the RI 800 MHz RISCON system:

RI Intercity

RI  Marine Task Force 1 

RI Tanker Task Force 

Southwide 1, 3 and 3 -  used for interoperability as needed during specific incidents in Southern RI

RI Haz Mat 1 & 2

Hardware used for this feed:

  • Uniden Bearcat BCD996P2 Digital Scanner
  • Diamond Wideband Discone Antenna at 40 feet above ground fed by LMR600 coax cable
  • HP xw4600 professional workstation PC 
  • Radio Feed streaming software with meta data (channel tags)
  • Verizon Fios Internet - a very reliable direct fiber optic cable. Internet stays up during most power outages.  
  • A robust  battery backup system plus automatic emergency generator. Equipment  stays up during most power ouitages. 

My other online feeds include:

  • Westerly and Chariho Area Fire Deparments. More localized feed with fire channels only, no EMS. 
  • Sebago Lakes Region and Oxford County Fire and EMS. This feed is at my vacation home in Maine. 

I welcome feedback and comments from listeners.  You can email me at  Enjoy and thanks for  listening.