MA State Police Troops B / C Dispatch - Central/Western
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MSP 800MHz Motorola Type II (Zone 8) GRE PSR-500 scanner. See feed details for talk-groups, barracks and patrol info!

MA State Police - 800MHz Trunked System Covering Central & Western MA MSP Troops C & B

Scanning TalkGroups:

C-PTL-1 (East Patrol) Barracks: C2-Millbury, C4-Leominster, C6-Holden ("Station C"), C9-Devens

C-PTL-3 (West Patrol) Barracks: C1-Athol, C3-Brookfield, C5-Sturbridge, C7-Belchertown, C8 (Small Town DIspatch),
               C10-Charlton (Incl. I-90/Masspike from Exit 6 to Exit 11A/I-495)

C-PTL-4 Fort Devens DIspatch

B-PTL-1 (East Patrol) Barracks: B2/Shelburn Falls, B3/Springfield, B6/Northamption ("Station B"), B7 (Small Town Dispatch)

B-PTL-2 (West Patrol) Barracks: B1/Lee, B4/Cheshire, B5/Russell, B8/Westfield (Incl. I-90/Masspike from NY to Exit 6/Chicopee)

STATE-1 Statewide (Air Wing Dispatch)