Uxbridge Area PD & MSP Troop C Dispatch
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Police & Fire/EMS for Uxbridge, Mendon, Upton, Sutton, Northbridge, Douglas, Millville (FD only) and MSP Troop C (East). *There is a bug in the software that often displays town alpha tags instead of the MSP talk group. 800MHz freq is always MSP!*

MA State Police - 800MHz Trunked System - SmartZone 8 - Covering MSP Central (Troop C)

Scanning TalkGroups:

C-PTL-1*  (East Patrol) Barracks: C2-Millbury (patrols all towns below), C4-Leominster, C6-Holden ("Station C")

STATE-1 Statewide (Air Wing Dispatch)

Local PD/FD for Uxbridge* Mendon, Douglas, Northbridge, Millville (FD only - PD not receivable), Upton, Sutton

SE Worcester County Region 7 Fireground channels

* denotes Priority channels/TG's