Calls Coverage

There is coverage available for this county on Broadcastify calls for the following services:

Live Audio Feed Status
Allentown Area NOAA Weather Radio WXL392 Listeners
Amtrak and New Jersey Transit Rail in and around Philadelphia
Amtrak and NJT Rail are streamed here.
2 Listeners
Chester and Montgomery Counties Fire/EMS
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Chester County Fire and EMS | Right = Montgomery County Fire and EMS | Use balance control to adjust channel volume. Feed provided by Join the discussion!
6 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire - Central
Left Channel: Fire: Regions 1 through 6, OPS Channels 1-8, Penndot (county units to/from PennDot District 6), Event channels 1-10 and EMA. Right Channel - No audio as of now.
4 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire and EMS - Digital
Feed provided by Join the discussion!
14 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire and EMS - East
Broadcasting: Dispatch, Fire Reg 4,5,6, Fire Ops 4,5,6 EMS Hail & OPS, Emergency and Fire Admin
24 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire and EMS East, Bucks Fire/EMS West
Montgomery Co: Dispatch, Regions 4,5,& 6. All Event Channels, Fireground 5 (range limited/line of sight only), Willow Grove (Sta 10) Local. Bucks County: Central Band (Analog from Sta 3 repeater), Fire/EMS Dispatch
8 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire West and Police Southwest
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Fire - All talkgroups, EMS - All talkgroups, All county event channels.
4 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire/EMS Dispatch and Digital Fire
Feed provided by Join the discussion! (((STEREO FEED))) Left Channel: Fire/EMS VHF Dispatch Right Channel: Fire Hail & Ops
6 Listeners
Montgomery County Fire/EMS West - Digital
All County Fire/EMS Dispatch Fire West Regions 1-6 EMS Hail All Event Channels Fire Ops 1-3 "No Fire Police" unless on Event Channels
16 Listeners
Montgomery County Police, Fire and EMS - Region 3
Montgomery County Fire and EMS Dispatch, Fire Region 3, Fire Police West Traffic Control Operations, Event 1-6, Note: due to changing of Montgomery County to a new p25 system, all police channels are now encrypted, we will be unable to broadcast.
7 Listeners
NS Harrisburg East Dispatcher
The NS Harrisburg East territory operates on AAR Channel 050 - 160.8600 MHz. This stream provides single channel, wide area coverage. It does not scan. See "Feed Notes" for some interesting information about this stream.
2 Listeners
PA Turnpike Police Harrisburg - East
Coverage between Harrisburg(Highspire) to PA/NJ Bridge -- (District 4) Officially Online 2017-3-26
6 Listeners
SEPTA Regional Rail - North, South, City, MoW and Yard
North, South, City, MoW and Yard. Covering counties BUCKS(PA) - MONTGOMERY(PA) - PHILADELPHIA(PA) - NEW CASTLE COUNTY(DE)
1 Listeners