Feed Status
Norfolk City Police Dispatch - 2nd Precinct
FCC Callsign WNLT925, monitoring 2nd Precinct dispatch. P25 Phase I
57 Listeners
Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service 146.820 MHz0 Listeners
Chesapeake Fire
Chesapeake Fire Dispatch & Working Incident Channels
41 Listeners
Hampton Fire and Rescue
This is a stereo feed. L: Fire Dispatch | R: Fire Tac 1 - 6
8 Listeners
KB4ZIN 146.7600 MHz Williamsburg Repeater 0 Listeners
KE4UP 145.4900 MHz Hampton Repeater0 Listeners
Newport News Fire
Newport News APCO P-25 Phase 2 System. Running on a Raspberry Pi with SDR Receiver running OP25 Software and a Shack Pro-106 on Tact Channels . The feed is streaming via a Barix Instreamer IP Audio Encoder. Left and right audio for Dispatch and Firegrou
5 Listeners
Newport News Police and Fire
Newport News VA, Police and Fire dispatch, from their Project 25 Phase II radio system. Running on a Pi-3B with a RTL-SDR, running OP25 and Liquidsoap.
38 Listeners
Newport News Public Safety
LIVE! Feed for Newport News Police, Fire, and EMS dispatch.
9 Listeners
Norfolk Area Railroad1 Listeners
Norfolk City Fire and EMS Dispatch
FCC Callsign WNLT925, Monitoring NFD/EMS Dispatch and Tac 2-11.
15 Listeners
Norfolk City Police Dispatch - 1st Precinct
FCC Callsign WNLT925, monitoring 1st Precinct dispatch.
7 Listeners
Norfolk City Police Dispatch - 3rd Precinct
FCC Callsign WNLT925, monitoring 3rd Precinct dispatch.
1 Listeners
Norfolk City Police Emergency Channel1 Listeners
Norfolk City Police Mutual Aid1 Listeners
Portsmouth Police and Fire Portsmouth P25 system
47 Listeners
Suffolk City Fire and Rescue
Suffolk, Virginia - Department of Fire & Rescue
14 Listeners
Suffolk Public Safety0 Listeners
Virginia Beach EMS
Volunteer-based EMS (also VBFD FIRE) brought to you by the Council of Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squads. Also see the Active Cases Board at
18 Listeners
Virginia Beach Police305 Listeners
Virginia Beach Special Event
Feed currently connected via DV Dongle to REF030C
Virginia State Police - Division 513 Listeners
Williamsburg Fire Dispatch1 Listeners