Virginia Beach EMS
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Volunteer-based EMS (also VBFD FIRE) brought to you by the Council of Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squads. Also see the Active Cases Board at

This feed broadcasts Virginia Beach EMS related channels and is the feed officially adopted by the Council of Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squads, which is a component of the City of Virginia Beach EMS System.  Virginia Beach is the largest city in the USA with a volunteer-based EMS system. VBEMS handles more than 46,000 EMS calls each year. This feed specializes in highlighting the activity of this extremely unique volunteer EMS system.  The feed now includes the VBFD primary channel as well.

Also see the VB EMS Active Cases Board!

Routine activity channels:


Tactical channels:

  • VB TAC 03
  • VB TAC 04
  • VB TAC 05
  • VB TAC 06
  • VB TAC 07
  • VB TAC 08
  • VB TAC 09
  • VB TAC 10
  • VB TAC 11
  • VB TAC 12
  • VB TAC 13
  • VB TAC 14

Regional coordination & major op channels:

  • VbEmgSvc15

Alerts for this feed may sometimes be generated by an automatic algorithm.  Due to limitations of the primary data source, they sometimes contain ambiguities.