Newport News Police and Fire
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Newport News VA, Police and Fire dispatch, from their Project 25 Phase II radio system. Running on a Pi-3B with a RTL-SDR, running OP25 and Darkice.

Newport News Police and Fire

P25 control frequencies: 856.5875, 857.2625, 858.2625, 859.2625

Talk Groups:  101, 102, 103, 201

  • 101    NNPD South Dispatch
  • 102    NNPD Central Dispatch
  • 103    NNPD North Dispatch
  • 201    NNFD Dispatch



  • Raspberry Pi 3B
  • OP25 and Darkice


My testing shows about a 1 minute delay from real time capture, until it is played back from Broadcastify.

2020-07-02  Increased volume by 50%.  Applied an audio gain of 1.5 in OP25.