Feed Status
Ashburnham Area Fire Departments
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Ashburnham Fire, *** Right =, Gardner Fire (VHF & UHF), Westminster Fire(UHF), Princeton Fire(UHF) and Rutland Dispatch Tac 1
0 Listeners
Athol Fire1 Listeners
Berlin Fire0 Listeners
Blackstone Fire1 Listeners
Bolton Police, Fire and Ambulance0 Listeners
Boylston Area Police and Fire
Boylston FD, Shrewsbury FD, West Boylston FD, Northborough FD, Berlin FD, Clinton FD
0 Listeners
Brookfield Fire0 Listeners
Charlton Police and Fire0 Listeners
Clinton Fire1 Listeners
Devens Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Douglas Fire0 Listeners
Fitchburg and Lunenburg Fire and Mid State Control
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Fitchburg Fire, *** Right = Mid State Control (UHF)| Fitchburg Fire - Fireground | Lunenburg Fire | Leominster Fire Chan 1 and Chan 2
1 Listeners
Fitchburg Police and Fire
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Fitchburg Police, Right = Fitchburg Fire/EMS.
14 Listeners
Gardner Fire1 Listeners
Gardner Police 3 Listeners
Hartford Area NOAA Weather Radio WXJ41
NOAA Weather Radio For the Greater Hartford / Tolland Counties Broadcast from Soapstone MT. in Somers, CT
0 Listeners
Harvard Fire Mutual Aid0 Listeners
Holden Fire
Broadcasting the Holden, Massachusetts fire department.
1 Listeners
Hopedale Fire
Frequencies: Hopedale FD Repeater - 483.72500, 047 DPL
0 Listeners
Lancaster Fire and EMS0 Listeners
Lancaster Police and Fire3 Listeners
Leicester Fire1 Listeners
Leicester Police Dispatch1 Listeners
Leominster Fire0 Listeners
Leominster Police and Fire Dispatch
Leominster MA. Police Dispatch 453.325 Leominster MA.Fire Dispatch 460.550 Firegrounds 460.573
11 Listeners
Lunenburg Police, Fire and EMS
Lunenburg, Massachusetts
1 Listeners
MA State Police - Metro Boston Area
Scanning Dispatch Talkgroups for Station A, H Troops, SOPS 1-8 and the Statewide Talkgroup. Geographically covering from the 495 belt area, into the heart of Boston. No local PD or Fire. May hold on a channel for an event.
28 Listeners
MA State Police Troop A0 Listeners
MA State Police Troop C4 Listeners
Mendon Fire0 Listeners
Milford Fire, Police, EMS and Life Flight
Includes Mendon-Hopedale Fire and Police, Holliston Fire and Police. Reboots every Tuesday at 5am.
1 Listeners
Millbury Police and Fire1 Listeners
Northborough Fire0 Listeners
Northbridge and Area Fire6 Listeners
Northbridge Area Police2 Listeners
Northbridge Police and Fire0 Listeners
Oxford Police, Fire and EMS
Town of Oxford Massachusetts. Police Fire and EMS Dispatch. BCT15X / ProScan / Wide Band Antenna
3 Listeners
Paxton Fire and EMS0 Listeners
Phillipston Fire0 Listeners
Princeton Fire 0 Listeners
Royalston Fire0 Listeners
Rutland Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Rutland Regional Fire and EMS
Fire and EMS Dispatch & TAC channels used by the Rutland Regional Dispatch Center for the towns of Rutland MA, Hubbardston MA, Barre MA, and Oakham MA.
0 Listeners
Rutland Regional Fire Tac 1 0 Listeners
Rutland Regional Police0 Listeners
Shrewsbury Police, Fire, and Public Works1 Listeners
South Worcester County Communications Center
Dudley and Webster Police / Fire, District 7 County Fire
11 Listeners
Southborough Fire0 Listeners
Southbridge and Area Fire Departments
This Feed Covers All Of The Southbridge Fire Department Channels, With A Receiver Within The Town To Cover The Fire Ground Ops. This Feed Also Covers Surrounding Departments. Only Fire/Ems Departments Are On This Feed.
1 Listeners
Spencer Area Police, Fire and EMS
Also covers surrounding fire departments in Worcester County including Paxton, Leicester, Charlton, Sturbridge, New Braintree Fire Alarm (the Brookfields, New Braintree, Hardwick, Petersham, Brimfield, Holland and Wales)
2 Listeners
Spencer Fire - Low Band0 Listeners
Spencer Fire Low Band0 Listeners
Sterling Fire4 Listeners
Sturbridge Fire0 Listeners
Sutton Fire0 Listeners
TAC9 Public Safety Notification System
The TAC9 Radio System is a public safety notification network operating in the New England and New York area, with nationwide expansion in future plans. The system utilizes a proprietary network radio system and is not monitorable other than this feed
9 Listeners
Templeton Public Safety0 Listeners
Upton Fire and EMS
Stereo Broadcast: Left Channel Upton Fire EMS Dispatch Repeater, Right Channel - Upton Fire EMS Operations Repeater
0 Listeners
Uxbridge Area PD & MSP Troop C Dispatch
Police & Fire/EMS for Uxbridge, Northbridge, Mendon, Millville, Blackstone, Upton, Sutton, and Douglas. MA State Police "C-PTL-1 East" including "C2" (Millbury barracks patrolling all towns above), "C4" (Leominster) and "C6/Station C" (Holden)
6 Listeners
Uxbridge Fire and EMS DispatchOffline
Uxbridge Police3 Listeners
Warren Fire0 Listeners
Warren Fire and EMS Dispatch0 Listeners
Webster Fire and EMS0 Listeners
Webster Police7 Listeners
West Boylston Fire0 Listeners
West Brookfield Rescue0 Listeners
Westborough Fire Dispatch0 Listeners
Westborough Police and Fire2 Listeners
Winchendon Fire0 Listeners
Worcester City Fire and EMS
Worcester MA Fire Dept
17 Listeners
Worcester City Police
Worcester MA Police Dept
85 Listeners
Worcester County Fire and EMS - Northern
Scanning Northern Worcester County Fire, DCR Forestry, MEMA, State Police SOPS, SP Events, Fire District 14 Mutual Aid, Fire District 5 & 15 Mutual Aid, ITAC Channels (VHF/UHF/800).
0 Listeners
Worcester County Fire District 8 N
Audio feed of all fire departments in Fire District 8 including Mid-State.
4 Listeners
Worcester County Police, Fire and EMS - Southern
Police Fire & EMS Dispatch for the towns of Auburn, Oxford, Leicester, Charlton, Webster, Dudley, and Sutton. Also have the P25 for MSP and added Environmental Police as well. BCD536HP / ProScan / Omni X Antenna
0 Listeners