Worcester City Fire and EMS
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Worcester MA Fire Dept

Worcester MA Fire, EMS, Interop, and area town FD's.

Currently scans the City's 800 MHz EDACS system, as well as UHF/VHF conventional.

F1 Fire Admin 549 04-045

F2 Fire Ops A 545 04-041

F3 Fire Ops B 546 04-042

F4 Fire Ops C 547 04-043

F5 Fire Dispatch 548 04-044

TAC-10 Overflow Fireground channel 583 04-087

TAC-11 Training/Overflow Fireground channel 580 04-084

TAC-12 Overflow Fireground channel 582 04-086

Mid-State Fire Simulcast 587 04-093

South County Fire Simulcast 588 04-094

Holden Fire 460.4625R (167.9)

West Boylston Fire 460.6250R (D-071)

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