Fitchburg and Lunenburg Fire and Mid State Control
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(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Fitchburg Fire, *** Right = Mid State Control (UHF)| Fitchburg Fire - Fireground | Lunenburg Fire | Leominster Fire Chan 1 and Chan 2

Feed is -

1 Maxon SM-2450 radio  feeding - Left

Fitchburg Fire (470.5500R/D226)

1 Ritron UHF scanning - Right

Lunenburg Fire (470.9375R/82.5);

Leominster Fire (460.5500R/77.0) ;

Leominster Fire Chan 3 (460.5750/151.4);

Fitchburg Fire - Fireground (472.7250/D125);

Mid State Mutual Aid (453.750R/94.8)