Feed Status
Boca Raton Fire/Rescue3 Listeners
Broward County Fire - Computer-Aided Dispatch
The Broward fire C.A.D. is temporarily not transmitting over the radio. Please enjoy random FLL airport security and maintenance traffic in the meantime.
2 Listeners
Broward County Fire Tacs
Monitoring fire tac / fireground channels in Broward County
2 Listeners
Broward County Sheriff Dispatch broadcasting the LiVE feed of the Broward County Sheriff Department's dispatch channels public safety radio stream. All Districts except Coral Springs which is on another stream
3 Listeners
Coral Springs and Parkland Public Safety
Live broadcast of the Coral Springs Police and the Coral Springs / Parkland Fire Department public safety radio system, located in Broward County Florida - present by
0 Listeners
Davie/Cooper City Amateur Radio Club
DCARC/N4RQY is online - please contact me W4BAE if there are any issues that I need to address. Set up is a Baofeng bf-f8 and a Raspberry PI 2 -located approximately a mile from the transmitter.
0 Listeners
Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue
Dispatch and Tactical radio for Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue. See feed information for additional details.
Hialeah Police, Fire and EMS1 Listeners
KG4OXR Repeater Clear Node0 Listeners
MIA Center Miami ARTCC
Miami air sector ARTCC.
1 Listeners
Miami Area Railroads
Broadcasting CSX and FEC Rail from Miami, Florida
1 Listeners
Miami Beach Fire Dispatch 10 Listeners
Miami Beach Fire Tactical 10 Listeners
Miami Fire Rescue
City of Miami Dispatch and Coral Gables Fire Rescue.
4 Listeners
Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Scanning Approach, Departure and Ground Control at MIA using a PRO-433. Also using a JIM M75 preamplifier to help hear those planes that are on the ground.
1 Listeners
Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue
2 Listeners
Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Dispatch - North and East
North Dispatch 453.35000, East Dispatch 453.10000, Air Rescue 1 & 2 460.31250
3 Listeners
Miami-Dade County Municipal Police Departments Dispatch1 Listeners
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Fireground Channels0 Listeners
Miami-Dade Police and Fire - Hammocks and Central
MDPD Hammocks / MDFR Central / MDFR TAC 1-6
2 Listeners
Palm Beach County Amateur Repeaters
Interesting Nets: Monday 7:30 PM WRC Emergency Net Tuesday 7:30 PM WRC NBEMS Net Wednesday 7-9 PM ARES Nets Thursday 7:30 PM WRC Memory Lane Net Saturday 7 PM AREC Ragchew/Swap Net Sunday 7:30 PM Slow Scan TV Net
W4MBU Repeater - 442.700 MHz0 Listeners