Coral Springs and Parkland Public Safety
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No ads for Premium Subscribers is providing the Coral Springs Police and Coral Springs / Parkland Fire Department and Coconut Creek Police and Fire Deparment, public safety dispatch radio feed  generated from a Uniden SDS200  scanner through the PROSCAN Client uplink to Broadcastify.  . 

There are about 330 police officers in Coral Springs and 30 dispatchers. One precinct , they operate in 2 shifts, ALPHA and BRAVO. They use the P25 system by Mororola through a single transmission tower located at the Public Safety building  located at 2801 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs FL. 33065 . A live camera feed can be seen by clicking here : LIVE CAM CORAL SPRINGS  . 

The FIre Department consists of 8 stations placed around the 25 Sq Mile city and 3 in the City of Parkland,  just to the north. Coral Springs FD  provides full coverage of both cities.  Shortly ,  Coconut Creek, to the west of Coral Springs has 3 Stations that are now part of the Coral Springs Dispatct. 

Our broadcast  station  started   21 years ago.   We needed to change our system as the City refreshed their  technology to P25 Phase II.  While the city doubled in size, so did the action on the scanner.  However, Coral Springs is still a peaceful place, and sometimes the smallest of incidents become a big deal. 

From 9/11 through the masacre at the  Parkland MSD,  thousands of people have listened to this link, localy and around the world. 

Talkgroups are MAIN on both and Special Events only on Police. We do not broadcast any tactical channels, detective, juvenile, or SWAT.  The other live feed we broadcast is the Broward County North Feed for BSO - Broward County Sheriff, and Broward County South Feed for cities south  of I-595  separately on Broadcastify.  

We actively monitor this channel, and try to provide special incident information.  

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