Miami-Dade County Municipal Police Departments Dispatch
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This feed includes these Municipal Police Dept Dispatch talk groups in Miami-Dade County:

15028 MDPD 6 - Intracoastal Dispatch "India" - Miami Gardens PD, North Miami PD, Bal Harbour PD, Sunny Isles PD, Golden Beach PD, Miami Shores PD

15034 Mun PD 2 - Municipal 2 Dispatch - Surfside PD, Biscayne Park PD, North Bay Village PD

15077 CITY P2 - Bal Harbour PD, Bay Harbor PD, Golden Beach PD, Sunny Isles PD, Surfside PD, North Bay Village PD

30029 Station6Disp - Station 6 - Intracoastal Dispatch (Sunny Isles PD and Golden Beach PD)

30053 Municipal 2 Dispatch - (Bal Harbor PD, Bay Harbor PD, Surfside PD)