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First Coast DMR TG 311213 Listeners
Hialeah Fire and EMS2 Listeners
Hialeah Spanish NOAA Weather Radio WZ2531
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KG4OXR Repeater Clear Node0 Listeners
KI4ZYV Repeater 444.325 MHz0 Listeners
MIA Center Miami ARTCC
Miami air sector ARTCC.
0 Listeners
Miami Beach Fire Dispatch 13 Listeners
Miami Beach Fire Tactical 12 Listeners
Miami Fire Rescue
City of Miami Dispatch and Coral Gables Fire Rescue.
4 Listeners
Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Scanning Approach, Departure and Ground Control at MIA using a PRO-433. Also using a JIM M75 preamplifier to help hear those planes that are on the ground.
2 Listeners
Miami-Dade County Fire Rescue Dispatch - North and East
North Dispatch 453.35000, East Dispatch 453.10000, Air Rescue 1 & 2 460.31250
2 Listeners
Miami-Dade County Municipal Police Departments Dispatch7 Listeners
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Dispatch Channels1 Listeners
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Fireground Channels2 Listeners
Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Tactical Channels 0 Listeners
Miami-Dade Police and Fire - Hammocks Dispatch and Central Dispatch
Miami-Dade Police Hammocks Dispatch ••• Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Central Dispatch ••• Miami-Dade Fire Rescue TAC 1-6 ••• MDPD BOLO Patch Channels
6 Listeners
Miami/Andover NOAA Weather Radio KHB34
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SARNET - Florida's State Wide Connected Repeater System
The Statewide Amateur Radio Network (SARnet) is a network of 35 to 40 linked UHF voice repeaters that serves the State of Florida. The key to what makes SARnet work so well is that this network uses dedicated bandwidth that is separate from the internet.
1 Listeners
W4MBU Repeater - 442.700 MHz
Echolink W4THM
0 Listeners