Live Audio Feed Status
Lincoln County Public Safety2 Listeners
Luverne Municipal Airport Unicom (KLYV)0 Listeners
Lyon County EMA0 Listeners
Minnehaha County and Sioux Falls Fire and EMS
Everything worth listening to in Sioux Falls and Minnehaha county. Law enforcement is no longer available. Tags show the active talk group. Clean audio, no hum or distortion.
29 Listeners
Minnehaha County Fire Dispatch 1
County fire chan1 dispatch and Regular traffic Brandon FD,Garretson FD,Balic FD,Dell Rapids FD, Hartford FD, Humbult,FD
1 Listeners
Mitchell Regional Public Safety
Includes: Aurora, Davison, Hanson, Hutchinson, McCook, Miner and Sanborn Counties. Monitors: Police, Sheriff, Fire, EMS, Emergency Management and Highway Patrol.
33 Listeners
Rock County Sheriff, Fire, EMS and PW
Rock County services. Also includes Nobles and MN State Highway Patrol (District 2300, Marshall) for neighboring context.
14 Listeners
Rock Rapids Fire0 Listeners
SEARC 2m Repeater 146.895MHz PL146.2, Sioux Falls, SD0 Listeners
SEARC 70cm Repeater 444.200MHz PL82.5, Sioux Falls, SD0 Listeners
Sioux Falls Airport (KFSD)0 Listeners
Sioux Falls Area NOAA Weather Radio WXM28
162.400MHz Serving the following counties....In SD: Lake, Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha, Moody, and Turner....In IA: Lyon and Sioux....In MN: Nobles, Pipestone, and Rock.
5 Listeners
Sioux Falls Fire and EMS Dispatch 5 Listeners
South Dakota Amateur Radio Council - SD Link Repeater System, Sioux Falls 444.825MHz Repeater1 Listeners
Spencer Fire2 Listeners
Tea Storm ChasersOffline