Rock County Sheriff, Fire, EMS and PW
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Rock County services. Also includes Nobles and MN State Highway Patrol (District 2300, Marshall) for neighboring context.

2021-09-16 Update:
I'm moving this to a set of digital/direct-sampled SDRs, eliminating annoying analog hums and distortion. This greatly improves audio quality, as well as allows me to better prioritize Rock traffic over Nobles. There may be some bumps as I tweak the config, but I'll minimize downtime as much as I can. Please let me know if you observe anything good or bad -


I'd love to hear if you find this feed useful, and how you're using it - it's been a pleasure to run it. Feel free to toss a quick note to if you feel so inclined. Thanks!

Rock County utilizes the MN ARMER system. ARMER is a P25, Motorola, SmartZone, 800 MHz, phase 1, trunked radio system utilizing six zone controllers. ARMER provides approximately 95% state coverage.

This stream is currently being served by a Raspberry Pi 3b device, running Darkice, and a Griffin Technology iMic audio DAC. The RF receiver is a Uniden BCD325P2 with line-of-sight to an ARMER tower. Alpha tags are being read via a usb to serial interface to the radio, with the buffer being read and parsed by a small python script, which also assigns easier-to-read vanity names to common talkers. Upstream connectivity to the Internet is provided by a fiber backhaul to SDN. All equipment is running on APC SmartUPSs. 

Now with ALPHA TAG SUPPORT! :)  I'm still refactoring the code I'm using for this, so be patient, but it should be pretty consistent. You'll need to use a player that supports alpha tags, such as most phone apps (Scanner Radio, Broadcastify), as well as VLC, Winamp, iTunes, and the Java browser player, to name a few. Sadly, the HTML5 player doesn't appear to support them yet.

This feed currently streams the following talkgroups:

  • 28622 - Blue Mounds State Park 1 (Public Works)
  • 28623 - Blue Mounds State Park 2 (Public Works)
  • 30900 - Sheriff Dispatch (Law Dispatch)
  • 30901 - County Rural Water Utilities (Public Works)
  • 30902 - County Fire Dispatch (Fire Dispatch)
  • 30903 - County Roaming 1 (Multi-Dispatch)
  • 30904 - County Roaming 2 (Multi-Dispatch)
  • 30909 - County Highway Dept (Public Works)
  • 30910 - County Highway Dept (Public Works)
  • 30916 - County Rural Water Utilities (Public Works)
  • 30919 - EMS Dispatch 1 (EMS Dispatch)
  • 30920 - EMS Dispatch 2 (EMS Dispatch)

The following Nobles County talkgroups are supplied, to provide more context for border hand-offs:

  • 31101 - Nobles County (Law Dispatch)
  • 31112 - Nobles County (Fire Dispatch)

Other Nobles County and MN State Highway Patrol (District 2300, Marshall) talkgroups are also added. All hospital and TAC talkgroups I'm aware of are intentionally omitted to comply with RadioReference policies.

The use of these feeds are for entertainment and hobby enthusiast purpose only.  Any intentional or unintentional misuse, damages, unethical, or illegal activity, is the sole liability of the end user. By listening to this stream, you agree that the provider of the stream can in no way be held responsible for the contents of or results from the use of the service. Ensure you understand all current Minnesota and national rules/laws, including pertaining to the use of a mobile scanner.