Feed Status
Avon Fire Department3 Listeners
Berlin Fire Dispatch6 Listeners
Berlin Police Dispatch
Berlin PD Dispatch Channel 1
7 Listeners
Bloomfield Fire
Town of Bloomfield: Center Fire District.
1 Listeners
Bloomfield Police, Rocky Hill Police, and CSP Troop H1 Listeners
Bristol Fire and EMS Dispatch17 Listeners
Burlington Fire and EMS Dispatch2 Listeners
Canton Police, Fire and EMS 3 Listeners
City of Hartford Fire
HFD Dispatch back on the 154.31 cross patch scanning all incident channels and dispatch.
3 Listeners
Clinton Fire Command2 Listeners
Connecticut State Police - Troop K Dispatch
Troop K covers New London County and parts of Tolland County.
0 Listeners
Connecticut State Police Troops C,D,E,F,H,K, Norwich, Groton, Plainfield Police
Simultaneous multi-scan of Connecticut State Police Troops C,D,E,F,H,K, with Norwich PD, Groton PD, Ledyard PD, Stonington PD, Willimantic PD, Coventry PD, Plainfield PD, Rocky Hill PD, Bloomfield PD, HOTLINE, DEEP, and more.
43 Listeners
Cromwell Fire and EMS
Cromwell Fire P25 Dispatch Only
3 Listeners
Cromwell Police6 Listeners
CT Rail / Amtrak Springfield (MRS) Line - North End1 Listeners
East Haddam Fire and EMS - East
Monitoring 46.22MHz. This feed is located near the intersection of Newberry Road and Wickham Road on the East side of town. There is also a West scanner receiver located at Mt. Parnassus. Go to: "East Haddam Fire and EMS - West". Comments are welcome
2 Listeners
East Haddam Fire and EMS - West
Monitoring 46.22MHz, 453.400MHz and 700MHz. This feed receiver is located on Mt. Parnassus. There is also an East scanner feed located near the intersection of Newberry Road and Wickham Road. Go to: " East Haddam Fire and EMS - East". Comments are a
East Hampton, Marlborough, FIRE/EMS
East Hampton, Haddam neck, East Haddam, Marlborough FIRE/EMS
2 Listeners
East Hartford Fire Dispatch 2 Listeners
East Hartford Police
Due to the recent increase in car break-ins this feed will be turned off between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am.Any questions email me at
6 Listeners
East Windsor Fire and EMS0 Listeners
Enfield Police1 Listeners
Enfield Police, Fire and EMS, Connecticut State Police Troop H
Feed provided - Enfield Fire Disp. EFD Ch 1, Ch 2 Ch 3, Ch4, Ch 8. Enfield PD Ch 1, Ch 2, InterOp. Enfield EMS. Conn State Police Troop H. WLOX Fire, Suffield Fire.
33 Listeners
Farmington Police, Fire and EMS
Stereo Feed - [Left] Fire, [Right] Police
2 Listeners
Farmington Valley Fire Departments
Farmington, Avon, Canton, Burlington, Simsbury, East Granby, Southington And UConn Health Center Fire
2 Listeners
Granby and Windsor Public Safety
Granby & Windsor Police, EMS and Fire channels. East Granby Fire.
1 Listeners
Hartford Fire Department
Broadcasting P25 Fire Dispatch and Incident 1 thru 5.
8 Listeners
Hartford, Tolland and Middlesex Counties Fire
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = Glastonbury Fire and EMS, Right = East Hartford, Hartford, Manchester, Wethersfield, Rocky Hill, Portland, Cromwell, Windsor, South Windsor and much of Tolland, Hartford and Middlesex Counties
3 Listeners
KB1AEV Northern Connecticut Linked Repeaters0 Listeners
Lost Acres Fire0 Listeners
Manchester Fire and EMS1 Listeners
Manchester Fire Dispatch - 8th District2 Listeners
Middlefield Fire Operations
Middlefield Fire Operations (UHF 453.250) crossband to P25 CLMRN.
1 Listeners
Middlesex County Fire and EMS - Central
Fire and EMS Operations from Central Middlesex County
6 Listeners
Middlesex County Fire and EMS - Lower
Essex Fire and Ems, Deep River Fire And Ems, Chester Fire and Ems, Old Saybrook Fire, Haddam Fire Ems, Killingworth Fire & Ems, Lyme & Old Lyme Fire and Ems, Westbrook Fire and Ems, Clinton Fire and Ems. Check out the Lower Middlesex County Fd and Ems
1 Listeners
Middlesex County Fire and EMS - Northern8 Listeners
New Britain Fire and EMS
New Britain Fire & EMS on the new P25 Digital TDMA Phase II system: Scanning Fire Dispatch, Incident 1,2,3. Note: NBFD portables on scene utilize the 700 Mhz National Calling channels or STOCS for fireground ops, repeated to the Incident channels.
9 Listeners
Newington Police, Fire and EMS
The Whats Happening in Newington Feed of the Newington Police Fire and EMS.
21 Listeners
NOAA Weather Radio Long Island, NY
Serving Long Island, NY and the surrounding areas...
3 Listeners
Northern Hartford and Tolland Counties Public Safety1 Listeners
Plainville Fire
Dispatch & FG Freqs.
11 Listeners
Rocky Hill Fire13 Listeners
Simsbury Fire Dispatch5 Listeners
Simsbury Police
This feed has been changed to P25.
5 Listeners
Simsbury Police (P25) & Ambulance1 Listeners
South Windsor Fire, Police and EMS0 Listeners
Southington Fire
Main channel Dispatch operations for Southington Fire
1 Listeners
Southington Police and Fire24 Listeners
Suffield Police, Fire and EMS2 Listeners
Tolland County Fire Departments1 Listeners
Tolland County Fire/EMS, East Windsor and Ashford Fire 5 Listeners
University of Connecticut Fire
1 Listeners
University of Connecticut Fire0 Listeners
Valley Shore Emergency Communications Center - Fire and EMS Dispatch
Feed online - audio testing in progress.
3 Listeners
West Hartford Town Fire3 Listeners
Wethersfield EMS Dispatch1 Listeners
Wethersfield Fire
WFD 460.625 Pager Rebroadcast Atena in town 400mhz Frequency
0 Listeners
Windsor Locks Fire
Windsor Locks Fire Department repeater 170.150
1 Listeners
Windsor Locks Police, Fire and EMS
Includes Bradley Airport Fire, Warehouse Point and Broad Brook Fire, East Windsor Amb.
5 Listeners
Windsor Volunteer Fire
This broadcast is patched to the FD Dispatch talk group on the town's P25 system
2 Listeners