Feed Status
Amherst Fire Control
This feed consists of Amherst Fire Controls channels 1 through 6. Channel 1 is the dispatch channel and 2 through 6 are talk around channels.
4 Listeners
Amherst Police Department
This feed monitors the Amherst Police Department in the Town of Amherst, Erie County, New York.
8 Listeners
Aurora Fire - East
Dispatch & Fire-ground/TAC frequencies
2 Listeners
Buffalo Fire35 Listeners
Buffalo Police, Fire and EMS223 Listeners
Cheektowaga and Lackawanna Fire1 Listeners
Cheektowaga Police Dispatch
Frequency: 453.800 Mhz
23 Listeners
Erie County Suburban Fire Departments
Suburban Departments Only
10 Listeners
Grand Island Fire
Monitoring Channel 1 (453.51250) and Channel 2 (460.95000)
2 Listeners
Hamburg Fire Control 1 Listeners
Lancaster Fire and EMS Dispatch
This feed monitors Alden, Bowmansville, Crittenden, Depew, Lancaster, Millgrove, Town Line, and Twin District fire departments as well Lancaster Ambulance and CD-136.
Lockport Police Dispatch
Lockport, NY - City of Lockport Police Dispatch
0 Listeners
New York State Thruway Authority - Buffalo Division
NYSTA Zone-4 I-90 Exit 45 (Victor) to the PA State Line & I-190 Buffalo to Niagara Falls
2 Listeners
Niagara County Fire - Digital
The feed will include the following. Niagara County Fire & all Fire Tac channels, North Tonawanda Fire Lockport Fire
Niagara County Fire Dispatch - Analog1 Listeners
Niagara Falls Fire Department5 Listeners
Niagara Falls Police21 Listeners
North Tonawanda Police5 Listeners
Tonawanda Area Fire Departments
Monitoring: Amherst Fire: F1 - 424.124 F2 - 425.450 F3 - 425.475 F4 - 425.150 F5 - 425.225 F6 - 425.400 City of Tonawanda Fire: Dispatch - 460.600 Fire Ground - 465.0875 Town of Tonawanda Fire: F1 - 460.975 F2 - 460.900 F3 - 458.1275
8 Listeners
Tonawanda City Fire
City of Tonawanda FD City Fire CH 1 - 460.6000 pl 100.0 City Fire CH 2 - 460.0875 DPL 413
4 Listeners
Tonawanda Town Police and Fire, Kenmore Police Dispatch
Monitoring Tonawanda police dispatch, Tonawanda fire dispatch, Tonawanda fire ops, and Kenmore police dispatch
3 Listeners
Twin City Ambulance Dispatch 1A - Digital
Twin City Ambulance primary dispatch channel for all of Erie County and Southern Niagara County, New York.
0 Listeners
Twin City Ambulance Dispatch 5B - Lockport Area
Twin City Ambulance primary dispatch channel for the Lockport area of Niagara County, New York.
0 Listeners
W2NWT Allstar/Echolink Node
Allstar Node #42067 Echolink Node #392026 South Wales, NY 145.51
W2SO 147.2550 MHz Lancaster ARC Repeater0 Listeners
W2SO 224.6400 MHz Lancaster ARC Repeater0 Listeners
WB2ELW Amateur Repeater System
442.325 MHz, 88.5 Hz PL, IRLP 8029
0 Listeners
WB2JPQ 444.1500 MHz Repeater and IRLP Reflector 9050
Amateur Radio feed from the East Coast IRLP Reflector 9050, Allstar nodes 27339, 45192, 45225, DMR Talk Group 3129973, DStar XRF829D, YSF-92805, Echolink 57780 & 375103.
0 Listeners
West Seneca and Orchard Park Police / Fire 8 Listeners