WB2JPQ 444.1500 MHz Repeater and IRLP Reflector 9050
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This feed is from the East Coast Reflector 9050 Amateur Radio IRLP, EchoLink, & AllStar Internet Repeater Linking system.

WB2JPQ InterLink System,  www.wb2jpq.com

This system is connected fulltime to the East Coast IRLP reflector 9050

and AllStar Hub 27339.  Audio feed is from AllStar Hub 27339.

To see connected IRLP nodes go to: http://status.irlp.net/index.php?PSTART=11&nodeid=9050 for live status.

Or, to see connected AllStar nodes go to: http://stn4067.ip.irlp.net/supermon/index.html for live status.

System is open to all Amateur Radio operaters and IRLP, AllStar, & EchoLink -R & -L node owners.

For more information contact:  wb2jpq@aol.com .

Updated: 06.15.18