Feed Status
Boulder City Fire
City of Boulder Fire Department Dispatch and Fireground
2 Listeners
Boulder City Police
City of Boulder Police Department Dispatch and Special Events
7 Listeners
Boulder County Fire Tac
Scanning Fire2, FTAC2, FTAC3, FTAC4, FTAC5, FTAC6, FTAC7, FTAC8
1 Listeners
Boulder County Sheriff and Fire
(((Stereo Feed))) Left = SO FIRE 1/BC Fire 1, Fire/Rescue Dispatch: Right = SO LAW 1/BC LAW 1, Law Dispatch Does not include Longmont or City of Boulder.
18 Listeners
North Central Colorado Counties Search and Rescue1 Listeners
Rocky Mountain Rescue Group
(((Stereo Feed))) LEFT Side = Simplex 155.235 - MRA 2 *** RIGHT Side = Simplex 155.160 - MRA1. The primary user of these frequencies in this area is Rocky Mountain Rescue Group but you may also hear other SAR groups as listed in the feed info page.
1 Listeners
W0IA 146.7600 MHz Boulder County ARES Repeater0 Listeners