Boulder County Sheriff and Fire
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(((Stereo Feed))) Left = SO FIRE 1/BC Fire 1, Fire/Rescue Dispatch: Right = SO LAW 1/BC LAW 1, Law Dispatch Does not include Longmont or City of Boulder.

Boulder County Law (formerly Green channel) - 155.1450MHz   Boulder County Sheriff's Office law dispatch and other county law agencies included except for CSP, City of Longmont and City of Boulder

Boulder County Fire (formerly Red 1) - 154.3250MHz    Boulder County Fire dispatch which includes all volunteer fire departments, EMS, rescue except for City of Longmont and City of Boulder.

Equipment - feed audio is provided straight from the dispatch console audio - you hear exactly what the dispatcher hears.   Field traffic is voted audio from numerous receivers located throughout the county.  Additionally we are connected on the CCNC statewide system with full time patches between the VHF analog channels and the DTR talkgroups BC LAW and BC FIRE.  You will hear both users on VHF and 7/800 with exactly the same audio path as dispatch.  It's just like sitting right next to our dispatchers!