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Bucks County Fire - Central
The Central talk group streams the old West band from Station 3 in Richboro, PA. It also streams the Central Ops and the Emergency band, the local VHF feed is 155.250 mhz. with a 97.4 PL tone.
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Bucks County Fire - East
Feed streams the East Band fire talk group, the East Band Fire ops talk group as well as the Emergency band, all on the new 700 mhz. P25 Phase II system. Local VHF freq. 151.220 Mhz. with a 97.4 PL tone.
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Bucks County Fire - EMS South
Ambulance response talk group for the lower end of Bucks County : Bucks County 143, Levittown-Fairless Hills 154 - 155, Penndel - Middletown 167-168, Bensalem EMS 185-186-187-188, Tri-Hampton 113-114-115, Newtown 145, Morrisville 139, St. Mary's 172.
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Bucks County Fire - South
Monitors the 460.625 Bristol repeater which listens to the Bucks County 700 system, including the South band, South fire ops talk group, South fire ground direct, Emergency band, Dispatch and local UHF traffic. Local VHF freq. 155.115 PL 97.4
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Bucks County Fire North and OPs1 Listeners
Bucks County Fire Police 0 Listeners
Bucks County Police, Fire and EMS Dispatch
Fire & EMS Dispatch, All Fire Zones. Effective 6/9/20 the police zones will be restored at 1800hrs: Police Zone 6 - Doylestown Area, Police Zone 7 - Quakertown Area, Police Zone 9 - Warminster Area.
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CSX and NS Rail - Bucks County
This feed listens to the following frequencies: 160.800 (46), 160.98 (58), 161.10 (66), 160.23 (42), 160.92 (054), 160.845 (049), 161.01 (060).
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Montgomery County Fire and EMS East, Bucks Fire/EMS West
Montgomery Co: Dispatch, Regions 4,5,& 6. All Event Channels, Fireground 5 (range limited/line of sight only), Willow Grove (Sta 10) Local. Bucks County: Central Band (Analog from Sta 3 repeater), Fire/EMS Dispatch
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NJ-TRBO Tri-State 31360 DMR2 Listeners
PA Turnpike Police Harrisburg - East
Coverage between Harrisburg(Highspire) to PA/NJ Bridge -- (District 4) Officially Online 2017-3-26
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Philadelphia Allstar Hub Node 27225
This is a broadcast of the Philadelphia Allstar Hub node 27225. You will hear both technical and general discussion by amateur radio operators connected to the hub from SE Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey, and throughout the US.
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SEPTA Regional Rail - North, South, City, MoW and Yard
North, South, City, MoW and Yard. Covering counties BUCKS(Pa) - MONTGOMERY(Pa) - PHILADELPHIA(Pa) - NEW CASTLE COUNTY(DE)
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