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Eugene Area Railroad
Covers the UP in the Eugene area. Also includes the following in the Eugene area: CORP, Coos Bay Rail Link & Portland & Western. See the Notes page for channel listing.
Lane County Fire and EMS, Oregon State Police / ODOT
Monitors all Firecom dispatch channels, including Lane Rural and South Lane. Also receives OSP, & ODOT. Scans the State Radio Project, and the Lane County interop system. ---Does NOT monitor forest fire operations, please monitor forestry feed for updates
11 Listeners
Lane Fire Authority1 Listeners
McKenzie Fire and Rescue
Monitoring FireEast, East 2, Lane 5, East 8, and McKenzie Net. This covers an area From the East side of I5 to The Upper McKenzie River area (Hwy 20 / Hwy 242).
1 Listeners
Oregon Department of Forestry / Umpqua and Willamette National Forest
Monitor for forest fire operations-- Lane Firecom, ODF dispatch, forest fire fighting, air-air operations, and air-ground operations.
W7PRA Peak Radio Association0 Listeners