Pleasant Hill Goshen Fire & Rescue
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[This is a re-application for this feed; an issue with power at the facility previously hosting this feed rendered it offline for a time. Power has been restored and should be monitored now!]

This covers Pleasant Hill Goshen’s dispatch and tactical channels, listed below. It also overlaps with a number of our Automatic Mutual Aid Partners’ tactical channels. These partners include South Lane F&R, Dexter RFPD, and Lowell RFPD. This feed is purpose-placed and the channels purpose-selected to provide a dependable live and archived stream for PHGF&R and other area departments.

  1. Fire East (154.430)

  2. Lane 4 (155.865)

  3. Lane 5 (159.135)

  4. East 3 (154.890)

  5. Lane 15 (154.205)

  6. Lane RIT (155.160)