Calls Coverage

There is coverage available for this county on Broadcastify calls for the following services:

Calls Playlist Listeners
Detroit MI Fire
DFD Dispatch / Fire Scene / HazMat / Citywide/ Emergency Management
0 Listeners
Live Audio Feed Status
Brownstown Fire
Brownstown Fire & Rescue, Trenton Fire, Auto Aid Fire Ground talk group
1 Listeners
Detroit Area Maritime
Channels 8, 10, 11, 12, 16, 21,22.
0 Listeners
Detroit EMS Dispatch
Detroit EMS Dispatch FDEDSP1
5 Listeners
Detroit Fire
Detroit Fire Department Fire Dispatch & Fireground Channels
42 Listeners
Detroit Police and Fire13 Listeners
Detroit Police Dispatch
DPD Dispatch talkgroups... 8040 Cent Dispatch Precincts 1 & 13; 8043 SW Dispatch Precincts 2 & 3; 8046 NE Dispatch Precincts 7 & 11; 8049 NW Dispatch Precincts 6 & 8; 8055 Western Dispatch Precincts 10 & 12; 8058 - Eastern Dispatch Precincts 5 & 9
269 Listeners
Detroit Railroads - CN, CSX, Amtrak2 Listeners
Detroit Railroads - NS, Conrail, CP3 Listeners
Downriver Public Safety73 Listeners
Groose lle Township Fire1 Listeners
Grosse Pointes and Harper Woods Police and Fire 11 Listeners
Michigan Statewide Aeronautical Medical 0 Listeners
Northville Police and Fire / Plymouth City Fire5 Listeners
Van Buren Fire1 Listeners
Van Buren Police and Fire, Sumpter Police and Fire, Huron Township PoliceOffline
W8CMN Mi5-STATEW1 DMR Repeater System
Mi5-STATEW1 Talkgroup on the W8CMN Mi5 DMR IPSC Repeater System from the Fenton Tower
W8CMN Mi5-STATEW2 EVENT 2/4 DMR Repeater System
Mi5-STATEW2, Mi5-EVENT2 and Mi5-EVENT4 Talkgroups on the W8CMN Mi5 DMR IPSC Repeater System from the Fenton Tower -
0 Listeners
W8FSM 442.3500 MHz Repeater
MICON-DTX NWS Hub Repeater.
1 Listeners
Western Wayne County Police And Fire64 Listeners